C2C: UFO & ET Disclosure Scenarios with Richard Dolan and Bryce Zabel 8-May-2012

Disclosure Scenarios
Air Date: 05-08-12
Host: George Noory
Guests: Richard Dolan, Bill Fawell, Bryce Zabel
Historian and researcher Richard M. Dolan, and journalist and screenwriter, Bryce Zabel, will discuss the various scenarios that will follow an official acknowledgement of the existence of UFOs, ETs and alien contact including possible Watergate-style hearings, as well as worldwide panics, and scientific & religious upheaval.

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  1. This site must have ESP, I am half-way through Richard M. Dolan&#39;s &quot;UFOs AND THE NATIONAL SECURITY STATE, CHRONOLOGY OF A COVER UP 1941-1973 REVISED EDITION&quot;.<br /><br />And LATEST-UFO-SIGHTINGS is, AS ALWAYS, right on track with a interview with Mr. Dolan &amp; Mr. Zabel. Mr. Dolan&#39;s book should be made into a major motion picture ASAP. Perhaps than we will know more about why

  2. If there is a group of individual&#39;s monitoring ALL conversation&#39;s, in anyway manner or form, take this to your Boss,you will get a raise.<br />If it is an invasion,and you have the technology to KILL,these visitor&#39;s,which you do,you need to ARM and TRAIN everyone on the Plant who has a MORAL and PASSIONATE nature,I mean PASSIONATE to your fellow MAN,then instead of having thousand&#39

  3. Governments of the world know the ufo phenomenon is real but have no idea what they are or where they come from or what the agenda is of these strange and fleeting visits.<br /> I think governments who plead ignorance on the ufo subject are actually truthfull on several levels and anyone expecting the men at the top to have all the answers on the fascinating and frustrating subject are naive and

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