Flying saucer over Oklahoma City, USA 3-May-2012

Latest UFO sightings – This interesting footage of some kind of disc-shaped object was recorded from a plane over Oklahoma City in United States on Thursday, 3rd May 2012.
What is your opinion about this UFO? Real or fake? Please leave your comment below!

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  1. Why is it that people think its fake,just because they are close and saucershaped??????Every time they are real close-people simply hit the fake button??Weird human race on this planet…???

    • I totally agree with you. I only look for strange shaped crafts and movements that are impossible for man-made planes and in this video i saw both.

    • My comment is REALLY REAL..Cant use fake/lies for anything.maybe you can,thats you.And not my problem..I`ve seen them since 73..Check out whats happening in Mexico these month..If you are grown up and awake-there`s your proof..They are here 24/7 all over Earth.And obviously people need them to wake them up..Maybe one of the reasons,why they are here in the first place..

    • makes me laugh too.. . i think its real ……flying reptiles are a the neat thing too see dontcha just love this poochy darling !!!!!!!!

  2. You really got a good point. It's like people are scared when things get to real. We believe.. to a certain point 😉

    • Yesss bro,believe to a certain point?? Strange to me,but like I said before I`ve seen and experienced things,very very few people would believe if I told.So I normally dont..Hehheh have a gooooood time and keep looking up hhC

  3. This craft is reminiscent of the photos I've seen of the Nazi craft at the end of WW2. If you look closely at the underside of this craft, you will see three round domes spaced equidistantly apart, very similar to the Nazi craft.

  4. This craft is reminiscent of the photos I've seen of the Nazi craft at the end of WW2. If you look closely at the underside of this craft, you'll see three raised domes spaced equidistantly around the circle, very similar to the Nazi craft.

  5. the behavior pattern is definte;ly strange i think there is something wrong with them.. . i mean compared to us here on earth ….. . WHY CANT THEY BE NORMAL

  6. Why is it, that every single video or picture of a &quot;UFO&quot; is blurry?<br /><br />Maybe so you can&#39;t see the strings holding them up against the backdrop?

    • I love all the space cadets breaking down physics and looking for wires. Keep it up, kids! You&#39;re the future!<br /><br />Here&#39;s what you should look for: (A) the media. <br />This was a commercial flight full of people? Then why doesn&#39;t the header say what airline it was? We can hear several people, including one idiot dropping the f-bomb (seemingly ubiquitous in every hoax,) so why

    • Obviously you havent been watching a lot of videos/photos.I`ve seen lots and lots of pretty clear photos/videos..Why most of them is blurry? hmmm try to zoom in with your cell or camcorder,it JUST gets blurry.That how it works,when you dont have telelenses/objectives or proffesional equipment at hand..But check out some more photos,ex from Italy,we have a pro guy who has taken the clearest of

  7. Okay, why is that every time you see a close-up of an incident like this, which the focus from the camera is horrible and the picture is jumping around….Oh, any suggestions? Also, notice that the &quot;disc” seems to be floating back forth as though it is on a wire? …Dynamics of flight and physics no matter that you just flew 10,000 light years through space…are still the same within earth’s

    • were only humans the cameras issues are fine..i would like to know WHERE THIS SO CALLED &quot;ZETA RETICULI&quot; IS LOCATED IN RELATIONSHIP TO OUR EARTH AND US OVER WHAT COUNTRY OR STATE ??

    • Thats just it, they are not in earths gravity. The ship creates its own space in gravity. It creates this in front of the craft so its like the ship is falling, no drag no nothing. The wobble you see is a distortion its not like it is out of control. Some old film of ufos have shown this wobble also. im not saying this is a real ufo, Im saying don;t discount it because it looks fake. If you were

    • You are soooo right..Same with this Italien guy.dont remember his name,but his photos are crystal clear.That makes many not believe it/them..But they`ve been lab.tested big time and science say they are autentic/real photos..I´ve seen &quot;things&quot; myself first time 39years ago,I KNOW 100% that ETs are visiting more than ever.Soon it will be public knowledge-without a doubt.Not a matter of

  8. that was the real deal amazing video definately not fake i think a lot of sightings over U.S.A. are craft designed by area 51 engineers or at groom lake the tringle ones &amp; some ufo types impressed .

  9. hmm the looped audio, the fact it just looks terrible, I think most people here would be really happy to see some solid evidence but videos like this do more harm than good.

    • I agree, need better SOLID evidence, I totally believe in other beings, have no problem accepting them to be real, but I don&#39;t believe everything I see or I am told. My common sense tells me so! We must learn not to get carried away becuz these type videos make us look gullible, I think I heard MUFON calling these kind of people &quot;true believers&quot; Even UFO hunter groups have to

    • Wauw You talk about George Adamski.Not many know him anymore..He was my first real hero in this matter-hehheh..And you are absolutely right..Thanks bro,then I dont need to say more.I read most of his books in the beginning of the 70ties-SUPER COOL man..Happy to hear his name again..Yeah around 6 decades now..Incredible people still in denial eh?Bhappy hhC

  10. I also think this one is fake, the ufo looks cgi to me. I do believe they exist and that some looks like this one but this video is kinda fishy. Anyway, concerning the movement, like its floating or kinda behaving like a flat magnet on top of another magnet/magnet field i think is actually pretty close to what it would look like with a real one. These guys (i think) generate their own

  11. It looks fake to me. If you analyze the film you can see that the &quot;UFO&quot; looks like it was inserted into it. I&#39;ve seen several videos like this lately where a saucer shaped craft is flying alongside a plane with that same wobbling motion and then zooms away like it did at the end. I think this is at least the third one that I have seen in the past couple of months that fits that same

  12. Saw 5-5- 2012 I saw object that looked like a laser light show only through my telescope you guys had something I did not save because I thought it was that large metore that this past winter. If you replay that zig zag light object.


  14. What always amuses me is, the more &#39;realistic&#39; a ufo vid is, the more criticism it gets. Its almost like we have been conditioned to believe that only blurry, far distant blobs of light are the only real ufos out there. Human nature I guess.. or very clever programming by the Cabal!

  15. The movement of the ufo does not denote fakery. Many have speculated with past similar wobbling movements in ufos as behaving in accordance with stationary anti grav tech. That being the disc is floating on earths fluxuating magnetic field, the same way a boat at rest bobs on a wavy ocean. Once the anti grav is engaged it rights itself and stabilizes the same way a motor boat stabilizes when its

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