Interesting UFO activity filmed over Escondido, California 1-May-2012

UFO sightings – This interesting footage of bright unknown object dropping some kind of lights was recorded in the night sky above Escondido in California on Tuesday, 1st May 2012.

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  1. hold on a sec hang up the phone – let me check this out b4 you call the sky lantern police – this thing has 2 sorces of light orbiting eachother and im not to sure they are lanterns tethered , the lights droping could be chunks of the fuel sorce breaking off – i need to further investigate- matt_bpd

  2. This type of UFO has been filmed several times around the world, most famously in Gulf Breeze and more recently in Hawaii, always the same colour and dropping objects or lights. I witnessed one back in 1994, in Nowra, Australia which moved slowly across the sky, dropped a light, then continued on for about a minute before disappearing. Does anyone know if this is the type of UFO that was

  3. Looks like parachutist dropping flares. Or a military aircraft. It could be a ufo, but I doubt it. The flares look too much like….flares!

  4. I have seen videos before where the ufo's are dropping things from their ships what I want to know is what are they dropping and what purpose do these light orbs that are being dropped serve?

  5. So curious about what it was! Possible recon drone? Something super-natural? Any other suggestions?

  6. very interesting footage over escondido liked ufo dropping probe lights where are the armed forces police ufo investigators others must have seen this event also ?.

  7. I am not sure what this is, however I saw it as well. I live in Temecula, Ca. Never seen anything like this. I am also having strange dreams. Little scary. Not sure what to think.

  8. It has begun. Ships dropping off aliens.they have been among us for they are coming in larger numbers

  9. I'm a bit skeptical of these ones where it seems like balls of light just fall to the ground. Falling starts, meteor showers or other things could be in affect. Just as well, this camera is focused in one location and it looks like when the lights drop, they drop next to a house with what looks like a lit in ground pool in the backyard. I could be wrong, just my persepective.

    • They`ve been here ALL the time..They dont drop them like this ofcourse..Thats Hollywood…They are simply putting up a kind of show for us,cant you see that..The most EXTREME tapings/photos lately?Everywhere all the time..All different but samesame..They have a knowledge we could/should use..We will-eventually…

    • No no..?? If they wanted to hurt us dont u think we were already be wiped out looooooong time ago..No bro its ONLY good..Dont worry be happy

  10. Night skydivers over Escondido? That would be a more rare occurrence than a ship from another planet.Dropping flares in a fire zone? Yeah, not likely. If you are going to debunk at least offer some excuses that are reasonable.

  11. I have seen this effect before it almost always turns out to be those paper Chinese lanterns that somebody let go during a party. The lights droping are pieces of the paper that falls off as it burns up. The wind tends to move it back and forth giving the effect of a moving object, but it is just blowing in the wind. If you want to see for youself you can purchase those type of paper lanters at

  12. These were NOT flares or chinese lantern pieces as flares are normally not dropped from helicopters over populated areas and these objects were not affected by the wind and look ejected not dropped. A close up would have been appreciated however.

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