Multiple UFOs in Israel’s sky 8-May-2012

Moti Gaber, a resident of Kfar Yonah, a suburb of Netanya, Israel, was coming home with his son Wednesday night around 8:00 from the Lag Ba’Omer festivities, when he saw something quite literally out of this world.

“I saw something very strange,” he told the Jewish Press early Thursday morning. “I arrived at the parking bay in my housing complex, I look up and, alongside the top of the buildings, I see these orange balls. They were moving in formation, eight altogether.”

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  1. wow, that is amazing!<br />Is it just me or is it true that there is so much UFO sightings going on lately??? Please tell me how you all feeling about this.<br />greetings, Wilma

    • Hehheh..No ofcourse its not just you???Every hour of the day somewhere on Earth uFOs are seen..This BULL(sorry) about Chinese Lanterns..Hehheh-in some few cases yes.But Im seeing hundreds of thousands of Chinese Lanterns over the last 7-8years where I live.And ITS NOT CLs,in 99 out of 100 cases at least..Check out daily,and you`ll see for yourself..There is a raise in sightings about

  2. definately serious changes going on over the world with so many daily sightings more &amp; more people ,looking upwards as our skies are full of ufo activity .taking a laymans guess being visited by beings from either our solar system or there in a parallel universes &amp; can pop in &amp; out of our planet to abduct mutilate resources water oil plants marine life etc .

  3. Why is everything Chinese Lanterns? Did those all of a sudden become normal everyday events at night?<br /><br />Stop using lame ass excuses to blow off the unknown, it is why we are always kept in the dark about everything

  4. So tired of these few people that keep calling these things Chinese Lanterns or Birds!! Since when does Isreal have such a large population of Chinese? I personally think someone&#39;s job is to watch these sights and tell us all that they are Chinese Lanterns. They really do think we are all that stupid!! To the &quot;powers that be&quot; WE ARE SICK OF YOUR B.S!! THEY ARE SICK OF YOUR B.S.!! IT

  5. They say that these are chinese lanterns, because that&#39;s probably what they are in this case. Stop abusing each other and grow up. Everyone is allowed to have their own opinion, just because you don&#39;t agree doesn&#39;t make you right.<br />I hate these anonnymous people who like to post abuse but don&#39;t give their names……tells you something about them 🙂

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