UFO photographed by fisherman in Karnak, Illinois – May 2012

A local resident of Karnak, Illinois explains in detail what he saw the day he photographed a spherical object in the sky moving at incredible speeds. Photos were made in early May 2012.

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  1. Can someone blow up/zoom in that photo? He indicating someone else fishing couldn't see it, maybe because of their location/angle and the height of the location of the object it was hidden from their view by the tree line.

  2. I do believe this gentleman, who was at the river, how could anyone suspend, something like the ORB, you would need equipment, crane, lines, etc. this is no HOLLYWOOD SPECIAL EFFECT….and i would say dont be surprised, if we see more of all, of this occurring world wide….

  3. This in my humble opinion is one of the coolest ufo videos i have ever seen. This should make a tv spot. I have visited this AlienInformation channel on Youtube who broke this story and its the most original channel about ufos ive come across. Granted that most of the stories are far fetched but thats their gimmick. They give anyone who has a story and wants to tell it a chance it seems. Plus

  4. I live in Manitoba Canada and one day we where driving down the highway and in the middle of a field about 6-10 feet off the ground was the exact same looking thing just hovering there. It appeared to be a round silver ball about the size of a small compact car, we where about a mile or two away from it. I scanned all around it to see where the wires where or whatever could be holding it up and

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