Huge UFO hovering above Tijuana, Mexico 25-May-2012

UFO news – Some kind of disc-shaped unidentified flying object was recorded in the sky above Tijuana in Mexico on 25th May 2012.

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  1. One aspect of faked UFO movies is their erratic camera shake. If people were really serious about wanting to film an existing object, they WOULD make sure it's with a steadied camera. Perhaps it's real, perhaps it's not. Cannot decide.

  2. That is a blimp. You can see the propeller on the right side. And the bottom red light is where the plane would be if there was enough light to see it. He seemed a little out of sorts though, so i can't blame him for being freaked out!

  3. please dont get mad at me – it looks like a blimp lol – due to the lights on the top bottom and seems to be tail – i thawt it would have a light on the front but that may not be visible from this angle <br /><br />one more thing is that a bird making that gawd awful racket in the backround – how someone could live with one of those ill never understand<br /><br />matt_bpd

  4. It is interesting how so many ufo videos have dogs barking in the background. I have seen and heard birds reacting to ufos on a couple of occasions.

  5. Pretty cool. Blimp maybe or something more interesting? The photo above doesn&#39;t show the whole thing, missing the tip of it on the right that you can see in the video.

  6. What is this Shit , they are eather goverment miltary craft or it really is a E T ! but if E Ts are here why do they like blinking and flashing colored lights ! ?? this is amazing fottage!

  7. Iam sick to death of watching vision of UFOS where the camera opearator appears to be jerking off at the same time! Great catch too bad it makes one sick to watch it……..i think iam giving up on all of this until I see them myself doing what they do with my own eyes.

  8. I have a hard time believing anything that comes out of mexico, why the flashing lights? Too mimic our aircraft so as not to go undetected? If this is for real this is the best closeup. of a UFO I have ever seen, that said, perhaps too good? really eye catching though!!!!

  9. I seriously believe this is a correct signting…..and if it is, I do welcome the chance to meet whoever drives them…

  10. This is the &quot;Hanger 1 Vodka&quot; blimp. It has been reported several times in the past as a UFO. See this YouTube video <br /> or type Hanger 1 Vodka in the search box. Compare it to this object and you will see its the same. I know there is a night time vid of this blimp when its illuminated on YouTube but don&#39;t have time to go thru YouTube and

  11. I agree that it&#39;s a Hanger 1 vodka blimp. You can clearly see that the design and markings match the Google pics of a Hanger 1 blimp. Good call Salva!

  12. Gotta say, he was either fapping or texting or cooking dinner at the same time cause that is some of the worst filming of a ufo Ive ever seen! As for it being a blimp.. I dunno.. never saw one like that.

  13. jaja… i live in TJ…<br />alot of sightings here lately<br />there are NO blimps or vodka zepellins in TJ..<br /><br />a lot of people freaked out over this..<br /><br />the camera man sucks…

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