Unidentified flying object flying over London, UK 26-Mar-2012

UFO videos – This interesting footage of unknown object flying across the sky above London in United Kingdom was recorded on 26th March 2012.
Witness report: Very interesting object filmed above London, Ontario. Filmed with Yukon Ranger on March 26th, 2012

I have filmed many birds, stars, planes, bugs, helicopters, meteors (a couple), and satellites. I am aware of what things are capable of. I wouldn’t post these videos if it were something rudimentary.
Author (james3244 @ youtube)

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  1. whats up with everyone having inferred, and night vison cams 🙂 make it seem like bull, seeing as how they cost a bunch.

  2. after approval wow i really like this site, but didnt know it had a touch of communism in it 😉 keep this comment for yourself admin, nice "no censorship banner 😀 but really lets talk [email protected] i may some stories of my own you might be interested in.please dont take my offer as a joke.

  3. you know? if I had a good piece of evidence and I have. ~I would not post it here because of the ridicule that people respond with. you know I know what I see and that is all that matters.If you spare the time to look you will see for yourself. I am sick of these government influenced debunkers.I really don't care. Good luck to you people that post genuine pics and vids. I can assess myself.

  4. i remember looking up at the clear night sky and seeing 2 objects like that not changing direction but absolutely shifting in comparison to planes that looked like they were crawling.<br /><br />have seen a close up once about 17year ago convinced my mate to stop driving but a cylinder lit object with no sound of engine at all just the odd car passing us. went to a nearby field and shone a light

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