V-shaped UFOs over Arizona 8-Mar-2012

On March 8, 2012, a strange V-shaped object was recorded over Phoenix, Arizona, also presented on a local television. The sighting caused an interest of the public because it reminded people on the night of March 13, 1997 (Phoenix lights).

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  1. I think its probably someone using ultra-bright LED&#39;s in an RC plane of some sort. With such LED&#39;s readily available these days, its really annoying for us whom are really dedicated to UFO hunting. <br />Also, enough with the Pheonix lights PLEASE ! I am so tired of it. My wife even still believes them.<br />They are &#39;Battlefield Illumination Flares&quot; ! The Military openly

  2. In 1975…I was 7 years old. Visiting my Grandparents for the summer, in Parker, AZ. My Grandmother and I were on the back porch at dusk, relaxing, when we both saw that same triangular craft. The V shaped craft flew slowly and siliently over us…having 5 lights which were changing colors (green, amber, blue and white). It was huge, as well. Probably as long as a football field.

  3. I worked in video production from 1973 to 1993. In that short period of time I saw amazing advancements in cameras, lenses and tape, now we use drives and memory cards.<br /><br />So why hasn&#39;t anyone ever filmed a UFO with a decent tripod and zoom lens? Digital zoom sucks, btw.

  4. these are not ufo these are your wonderful tax dollars just flying in the friendly skies so people get a grip of reality okay.

  5. I also so a v shaped craft on the 14/1/2013 in Canberra Australia. It was large, had rows of dull golden lighting along the under carriage. It was so silent. I was in absolute ore watching this craft cruise so silently above me. It was approx 500 metres in the air. It then flew towards a low lying cloud. It then began going transparent. This craft was truly amazing.

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