Best UFO Sightings – May 2012

Video compilation of some of the best UFO sightings recorded in May 2012.

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  1. This is a wonderful video with everything seeming very credible. Although the most frightening one was the UFOs emitting a loud sound over Hong Kong, most seem very peaceful as if watching us.

  2. I only hope that I live long enough for the "Doubters" to see with their own eyes,what I have seen.Call me crazy or whatever,but I KNOW what I saw.There is not a shred of doubt as to the existence of a vastly superior intelligence.You would think that the "Q" of whether or not "they" exist,has for all intents and purposes been satisfactorily answered,but some will

  3. Romanticizing aliens or creatures who may not have our best interests at heart is a very bad idea. Please stop the Hallmark greeting card Celtic pan pipes and let us focus on the facts, not the emotion. Anyone who possesses this kind of technology can be a blessing or big trouble. Be calm, cautious and wary.<br /><br />It&#39;s bad enough we have humans who try to rule over others through force,

  4. The commenter above seems to have already added the aliens to his threat list. <br /><br />But kudos for complaining about the annoying music. I&#39;d like to send some of these compilations to skeptical friends, but the invariably crap music that is attached to them is too embarrasing, so I don&#39;t. I&#39;m waiting for the time when the compilators grow up and stop layering on their idea of

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