Daytime UFO over Montreal, Canada 6-Jun-2012

Latest UFO sighting – This unknown object was seen and recorded in the daytime sky above Montreal in Canada on Wednesday, 6th June 2012.

Witness report: I was hanging out on my back balcony garden when I noticed a red shape floating in the sky. The deep red colour of the object didn’t come through very well on the video for some reason, but I could definitely see it. The object was floating back and forth in roughly a north-south trajectory over a 40 minute period. It was roughly 2000-3000 feet in the sky, approximately 10 feet in diameter. The object moved both with purpose and randomly, it changed shape from spherical to a square-ish shape and back a few times and changed colour from red to black once. It was flying both against and with a northerly wind (coming from the left in the video). It flew off to the north after about 45 minutes and disappeared.

Author (mravka9 @ youtube)

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  1. nd not one commentng on what is occuring in the skies all over the world.What do we sdo to wake those people up.<br /><br />7o9 738 8131

  2. Now that is a great video. Great reference to surrounding buildings, focus is consistent with distance. Wobbling as described in thousands of UFO sightings and credible videos, finally a REAL UFO. Great Post. Fantastique.

  3. looks as if its dangling from a string or whoevers controlling it is pissed its wobbling all over the blue type sky if itt is a genuine ufo there taking flying lessons it also reminded me o0f the flying carpets in them ali baba movies there uncontrolled its spinning too as if ready too fall strange video.

  4. The wobbling and &quot;falling leaf&quot; motion displayed by this object has been reported by UFO witnesses many times over the decades, even in reports dating back to the 1950&#39;s.

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