Fireball over San Jose, California 17-Jun-2012

Latest UFO sightings – This unidentified flying object was recorded flying across the sky above San Jose in California on Sunday, 17th June 2012.

Witness report: I live in South San Jose (Almaden) and first spotted UFOs over the Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve on 16th June at 8.50 pm – my wife saw them too. I took this video (on my phone) the next night when just one UFO appeared at the same time, and hung around for 15 minutes. On both occasions, the objects emitted white, green and red slow pulsing light. They object in this video moves from side to side across the sky and at times soars high above the mountains in the distance. It’s hard to see just how bright the light is from this video, but the objects really shone when at their brightest then fade to almost disappear before glowing again. I estimate the UFO is about a mile away from where I filmed this, which should be close enough to hear some sound from a conventional aircraft, but there was complete silence. This is 100% genuine.
Author ( SchipperyTube @ youtube)

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  1. Thanks for sharing, we saw the same thing in Manhattan NY last night( 6/18/12) over the Hudson River. MY husband I were looking at it out of our apt window. We have great view to river as we live very close to it. I was in disbelief as I waiting for the object to act like a normal aircraft but, it keep going back and forth over the river for almost 2 hours! We looked at it with binoculars, all

  2. What ever it is if u really wanna find out how close it is in the video it crosses the mountain an the light shows so it must be flying on your side of the mountain find out how far the mountain is from where u are.

  3. Hi ufo latest sighting's,See my similar vid's of NW England sphere's at youtube,my channel,789SOOTY,SDV_0025.MP4 onward's,but closer up,mostly.Robert Newton,eARLESTOWN,19MLS.E of Liverpool.

  4. So strange, yesterday as well I was fishing and at about 3am, I looked up and saw this exact same light. At first I thought it a airplane or helicopter with its landing lights on, but then it just started flying up and the lights go dimmer and dimmer and then gone like that, no sounds at all.

  5. I don't know how anyone could dispute this footage. I saw a similar object not more than 100 ft. away on the Miss. gulf coast in the spring of 1976. Wake up people these things are for real!!!

  6. When/why people push the fake button here?Is it coz you think its an "Earthmade" thing?I have been wondering for a year now.Do You mean photoshop?Remotecontrolled vehicles? Or what?Can ANYone answer that simple question?I tried MANY times,NEVER one answer?Bhappy & keep your eyes/hearts open hhC

  7. This seems like a really nice fake to me. Nice editing. Why did the video stop so abruptly? I'd still be looking around a bit if it was that close in my neighborhood. Maybe they did too. Great video tho!

  8. Believe it or not<br />When a Space Person comes to Earth and wants to be seen he has to lower the vibration of his etheric body to come within our range of sight. The same applies to the spacecraft. These vehicles are made of etheric physical matter and if you do not have etheric vision they are invisible. But they are seen by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world when the occupants

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