Huge UFO flying over Oregon 16-Jun-2012

UFO videos – This unknown object or sphere was flying across the night sky above Oregon on Saturday, 16th June 2012.

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  1. i am going out on a limb but im going to say fake because theres a shooting star in it. what are the odds? looks like a computerized glowing perfect circle on a screen that was recorded already or falsey made. I would expect a vehical to be a perfect shape but not to the naked eye from that far. good video still makes me wonder thats just my observation!!

  2. Why is the video, private and taken out of view here; Did the FBI/CIA forbid it ? com'on men not here for crying out loud ! !

  3. I Live in Ocean Shores, WA and saw the same thing coming from the north and moving south to Oregon. It was between 11:00pm and 11:30pm at night. No sound. Solid bright light brighter than a star coming and going. No blinking or flashing lights. <br />The past few nights have been very busy out here at the coast with objects in the sky.

    • Have you checked where the ISS was that night? Maybe it was over you location, this happened to me one night, I couldn&#39;t believe how bright it got at a certain point of it&#39;s trajectory. The Sun had just set about 1 1/2 hours ago, when the ISS was at it&#39;s highest point it suddenly got very bright due to the reflection of the Sun.

  4. how come our military lets these supposedly ufo&#39;s go threw our air space. if they are a threat which they are how come they are not stopped. doesn&#39;t make no sense….

  5. I&#39;ve seen something just like that a few months ago while in a town near Foster,Oregon.It was a bright light and it was moving at a very steady and speedy pace,It made no sound either.Not even a minute or so after I noticed the object,I heard one of those huge military choppers(The ones that sound like the blade is chopping the air,A very strong and loud chopping sound).I also noticed 2-3

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