Latest crop circles 2012: Iran, Italy, UK

  • June 12 – Sarvestan near Shiraz in Fars, Iran

  • June 17 – Santena near Poirino, Italy

  • June 17 – Berkley Lane near Frome near Somerset in United Kingdom

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  1. crap… if that italian crop circle is real, then the galactic federation of light is going to visit us soon, crazy stuff, i hope that some teenagers did not make that 1, its just filled with awe

    • Err.. I guess you think earthlings made it? Made all the crop circles? Can you share with us: who? when? why? How, without leaving.. tracks? traces?<br /><br />I think someone is trying to communicate with us..<br /><br />Howard

  2. the 3 different types of crop circles are for 3 different alien types as us as a rule are oblivious of there significance some type of guess work made by various experts who have been working in this field is apt too some but the majority are quite complex to say the least but our ufonauts no what they mean because they are meant for them &amp; are coded messages .

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