Latest UK crop circles 2012: Silbury Hill near Abebury, Wiltshire – 12th June

This interesting formation was found at Silbury Hill near Abebury in Wiltshire, United Kingdom on Tuesday, 12th June 2012.

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  1. actually people thought crop circles were by aliens or bored farmers, but in reality, most of the crop circles were made by bored teenagers. There was a documentary on it on National Geographic, showing how these teens made the crop circles, its just using a plank of wood and applying pressure on it and turning it 360 degrees to form a circle commonly found in crop circles. so yeah. they even

  2. too close to the lines the farmers make themselves, I want to see one that is plopped down in the middle of these fields near no farm lines. Then I would be more convinced.

  3. It means there are 5 planes left with life on it that's why they are link together. Humans didn't come from this planet we just toke over look at Mars that is one of our planets we destroyed like what people are doing to earth.

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