Latest UK crop circles

  • June 17; Wenlock Wood near Little Wenlock in Shropshire

  • June 20; near Alton Barnes in Wiltshire

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  1. Is there any cell or bio data on these crop circles. An image or glyph library would be helpful to begin a catalog of symbols

    • Any one that thinks that they are all man made are only fooling them selves . Especially when there are crop circles being made that have been video taped with no one around the area . What about the balls of light that create some of these crop circles? …

    • Well if it isn't aliens, who else do you think would make them? Careful now, you may have to think logically!

  2. it does makes you wonder why the designs appear to be so flawless. my question have always been about the lack of an imprint in the dirt itself.

  3. some are some arnt ull know in yourself if there real and tbh i reckon they arnt man made because they stop appearing and all of a sudden come out of no where/ flower / seed of life

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