UFO activity over Salonica, Greece 14-Jun-2012

Latest UFO sightings – This video of mass UFO activity was recorded in the night sky above Salonica in Greece on Thursday, 14th June 2012.

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  1. CGI , in the second part of this film , you've got the first part without the "ufo's", please check your files before posting.

  2. some camera work i counted 15 lights wheres the military why dont observers fone airforce its exciting but surely they might get them on radar enjoyed video but sound was dodgey

  3. guys , i don't know about them but i live in athens and on the same day i spotted two ufos about 30 mins apart. i first though i was seeing the meteor that passed by earth that day , they weren't bright object like the ones on the video and were moving fast. it was either a plane with lights off or something else ..

  4. Today the same lights appeared over the city of Volos<br />(220km from Thessaloniki) around 11:00PM.There was an<br />incredible &quot;teardrop&quot; formation also before they scattered again in the sky, but always remained in a cluster, like in this video which is not of quality but is 100% accurate.

  5. I live in thessaloniki and i have to admit that on time i was hanging out in the mountain of seix souh with my girlfriend when suddenly we both saw strange lights like these ones . We both saw them because of the dark that there was in the area.I must say that in the area there is a military base of radars etc and it is prohibited come close!

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