Video of 3 UFOs over California 9-Jun-2012

UFO videos – These three unknown bright objects were hovering in the sky above California on 9th June 2012.

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  1. One object, moving away, with lights at the corners. Corners of what is the question. Is it an illusion or can I almost see limes connecting the dots?

  2. these triangles are very significant 3 equidistant lights is the main body of craft invisible or does any of the commentees have any ideas ?theve been quite several shown on ufo sightings of late triangular lights at same distances apart on some videos they separate from triangle same design as pyramids illuminati triangle so the triangle must have a special message in it good video .

  3. i barley even watch these ufo videos because it is usually the same thing, ive seen a lot of sightings myself of various types and colors and this is a message to those who watch these videos because they have vener seen 1 " GO OUTSIDE AND WATCH THE SKY " thats all i can help u with

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