Bright flying saucer filmed over Aveley, Essex, UK – February 2012

UFO sightings – This bright disc-shaped UFO was seen and recorded in the night sky above Aveley in Essex, United Kingdom in early February 2012.
Witness report: This was taken a few days ago on my mobile phone, and lasted around 5 minutes, my phones memory lasted just over a minute, any remaining “would be” footage would have shown it hover out of sight in the direction towards the river thames towards kent. The UFO was hovering over an housing estate. Me and my partner both witnessed this event and it freaked my girlfriend out, Im a little more open to “other life”. I would be interested if anyone else has footage and what it could be?
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  1. The image seems transparent and when the camera moved to the right it picked up the TV image which was also transparent due to it being a reflection.<br />My feeling it looked more like a reflection from something from the back of the room.<br />Well that&#39;s only my opinion.

  2. Ok I&#39;ll be the first to jump up and down when a real UFO is found and although this looks different I&#39;m guessing blimp or hoax. The footage looks weird kinda like photo crop. Can&#39;t say yes or no on this one.

    • lol…..sorry but ive heard alot of funny stuff since i posted this video, incidentally this isnt the original post! No I certainly didnt photo shop this in any way nor use a video editor or other software to add, remove or change any of the footage. This was as real as it gets. Incidentally it wasnt a blimp either…i know what a blimp looks like.

    • How do you know it wasn&#39;t a blimp? It has the light configuration of an airship. Looks exactly like the one from Oakland, CA. Take a look. I believe in UFO&#39;s. It just moves and looks like an illuminated airship. There all over the place.

  3. Anytime I see blinking lights on &quot;UFO&#39;s&quot; I get suspicious. Blinking lights are for earthbound aircraft; there&#39;s really no reason for blinking lights on ships from other galaxies/dimensions.

    • Not necessarily..blinking lights might be used by them as a way of communicating or for any other reason…we should not assume anything..when you have found out for sure by visiting another galaxy or dimension let us know !

    • Unless you have personal experience with known alien aircraft, then it&#39;s simply a conjecture. There&#39;s no valid reason to claim that &quot;blinking lights&quot; are for earth only.

  4. It ticks me off when an entire encounter isn&#39;t captured and only partial video is uploaded. If anyone does capture a sighting upload the entire thing. Sure there are cases when the battery dies or certain file size for uploads but just seeing a partial section of a video really does make it hard to verify anything.

  5. Interesting video… don&#39;t understand poster who declares there&#39;s really no reason for blinking lights on ships from other galaxies/dimensions. there have been lots of UFO sightings with blinking lights…I missed the memo that banned blinking lights. <br />the only thing I know is if the lights are GREEN AND RED, it is most likely an aircraft from somewhere on earth. otherwise, who

    • thanks peggy, I am the original poster of the youtube video which can be seen on youtube (UFO caught on camera) title changed due to other users ripping my footage and claiming it was theirs!! anyway i agree with you about the blinking lights bit! In virtually every sighting of sci fi movie, lights tend to be part of a flying vehicle. some people who have valid opinions about ufos not needing

    • Absolutely! It is a huge assumption and personal view not a fact….Lights on craft are probably Universal not limited to earth-bound craft…

    • You sure are defensive and sure of yourself. Yet you really dont know anything for sure. If your going to post prepare for comments even if they don;t support yours. Talk about self rightous.

  6. Fake. I agree with the blinking lights. Lights on aircraft are essentially warning signals. If it has a light it may be unidentified aircraft but certainly man made.

    • UFO law by anonymous feb 10, 2012 10:02PM<br />lol………its not fake, and how can you be 100% certain its man made?<br />another absolutely self righteous &quot;anonymous&quot; user!!

  7. It&#39;s an airplane! Now if you just learn how to focus the camera lens you&#39;d see that too. Everyone else here would immediately recognize the blinking lights.. All these people who never saw an airplane.. Hard to believe in these modern times.

  8. It is a lighter than air craft…as it has the usual CAA light pattern on the exterior of the air craft. I would guess it to be a BLIMP! I would not get too wigged out about sightings such as these.

  9. we&#39;re dealing here with something UNKNOWN…so why it&#39;s &quot;blinking&quot; is immaterial when it comes to &quot;something&quot; we know NOTHING about….

  10. the &quot;object&quot; seems to be &quot;morphing&quot; along with the blinking light that seem to be &quot;going AROUND&quot; vertically around the object rather than just the beam if this were man-made blinker..

  11. i think this is good footage, but i now understand why other people who have filmed these kind&#39;s of things keep it to themselves, (ridicule time). I&#39;m not saying it&#39;s definately an ET, but definately UFO (there is a differance). As long as you know what you filmed, be happy you caught it in time, and shared it with us. I for one appreciate it.

  12. estos son los videos que ponen a la gente a dudar en todo el mundo para que lo hacen cual es el objetivo no entiendo

  13. Great footage, whatever it is. Beats the hell outta &quot;Strange Lights In the Sky&quot; one usually sees on these sites. Too bad about some of the comments.

  14. How do we know for sure that these other &#39;&#39;anonymous&#39;&#39; writers aren&#39;t paid to discredit/ ridicule? In other galaxies and dimensions the word &#39;&#39;anonymous&#39;&#39; means &#39;&#39;closed-minded&#39;&#39; 😉

  15. It could be an Airship, but really, I believe it&#39;s a Flying Saucer. (Bob Lazar would love to do reverse engineering on this model. If he hasn&#39;t ALREADY!)I AM GLAD there WAS an ENHANCEMENT!Thank you!

  16. emmygee thats definately an alien craft ive seen one similar taken somewhere in england on a tv show on ufos &amp; the guy who filmed it took it to london to get video analised through some big tv company expert they couldnt prove or disprove if it was genuine or a hoax craft similar to yours above local housing estate he took various videos at different days &amp;nights they were very good pics

  17. footage very real my opinion you caught an alien craft on video mate seen similar ones before on tv shows lots of years ago they were accepted as genuine lights emitting from them also keep your camera glued to those skies around your area.

  18. I would like to think it&#39;s real. <br />The dome is where the commander sits. It&#39;s his &quot;office&quot;.

  19. This is a blimp. Notice the nav lights blinking. Unlike the craft filmed over the Olympic Cauldron during the opening ceremony fireworks. That craft had no nav lights and it appeared hazy almost transparent. Since it was video taped by NBC camera men with professional equipment, I believe the Olympic craft was as it appeared on video transparent. With the Feb sighting (video above),I think it was

  20. Does anyone see the similarities between this one, and the one that showed up over the Olympic stadium this past week??

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