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Guernsey, UK – 29 JULY 2012 0130AM
we were driving along the seafront of guernsey after picking my brother up at around 1.20am. we were talking as normal, then i noticed like a lightening bolt in the sky forming different shapes. i pointed this out to my boyfriend and brother. the lightening bolt shape then changed which looked like the moon was coming out behind it. i said ” oh look how pretty the moon looks, no wait that isnt the moon” it was so odd, it looked like a huge orange planet. we were all amazed. we turned down a side road and parked and got out the car. we looked in amazement as it got closer and brighter. we then heard strange noises. all the same noise. we tried to video this but it wouldnt pick it up on the phone. the noise sounded like an engine. we just kept looking in amazement. then it just dissapered…….we were near a field, maybe the thing landed? i dont know…has anybody else in guernsey seen this??

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3miles N. Des Moines,IA – 7/28-29/12

Last night 11pm-1am observed no less than 5 bright White/Orange orbs at approx 25,000-40,000 ft through Binoculars moving SE to NW over 1 1/2 hr or so period. No flashing lights, moved slower than std airplane but much faster than I think/thought Sat’s move. They had a straight, consistent trajectory and moved in and out of cloud cover without deviations. This is far from the first of my observation of this variety. I’ve orbs of different colors at very high altitude, appear, disappear and re-appear with regularity. Approx July 5th 2012, at 5:15pm I felt the ground rumble for a solid 30 seconds under my feet and within and hour or less spotted a Cigar shaped, very shiny craft at less than 10,000ft, heading south over the city of Des Moines, IA. IT had no visible markings or wings and it’s shine is what really caught my attention. It was moving to fast for a Balloon or Blimp but not quite as fast as a std commercial aircraft. Unfortunately, I did not have functional camera.

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Finsbury Park area London N7 – 28.7 – 12 Midnight
We saw an object hovering to the south of our house, roughly over Emirates stadium/Islington area. It was similar to the footage seen over the Olympics. It was very clear. It was either a circle we were seeing from an angle, or its eliptical in shape. It was a circle of light and inside the circle it had a strong glow. It had four lights. The one at the top was bright and flashed (I think that on the opening ceremony footage it is this bright light that is flaring and creating the impression of a dome). The other lights were green and red. It hovered for about 15 mins then moved slightly to the east, then hovered again before disappearing from our view.

Can’t see anything else on the net about this but I’m sure lots of people must have seen it as it was very clear.

Jo C
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Lithonia, GA – July 28 2012 6:00 pm EDT

On July 28, 2012 in Lithonia, GA at approximately 6pm, I was in my front yard playing with my kids when my youngest looked up because he heard a plane. Two more planes went by. We could clearly see the body the wings and the lights. As the third plane went by, we saw what appeared to be an all white object that was clearly much higher that the planes rapidly going in the opposite direction from the planes. It looked like the body of a plane but it did not have wings and there were no lights on it. It was long and all white and traveling much higher and faster than the planes. As it sped away it appeared to go higher until it disappeared into the sky.


Mandurah, Western Australia – 28th july 2012
I recorded this strange orb that had another strange object wizz past it. Either that or it Ejected something.

Youtube video:

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Waterloo, Ontario, Canada – 9:45pm. Saturday July 28, 2012
Two Triangle UFO’s… Red orange, shimmering. Looked like the Bristol UK

UFO’s from hours earlier. Both flying in a southerly direction, over my house. No sound could be heard from them. I was in a group of four other witnesses. After two to three minutes the UFO’s flew into a patch of high level clouds one following the other. Full moon blocked out most stars. These objects appeared large and obvious.

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Hurricane, Utah – 28 Jul 5:45
Cylinder hovering over hurricane ut. Took off so fast I would have missed it if I looked away for even a second. Hovered stable for approx 2 min then flew away to the east

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Helena Montana, Montana (green meadow area) – July 28th 2012
If anyone has a video of this I would be very happy to see it. First a red “orb” like saucer was hitting the ground. My friend and I both saw it was were tracking it. We then saw 2 or 3 darker clouds in the sky pop in and out. Suddenly the red orb which seemed to be trying to get underground or in a bush disappeared. This is when things get weirder, in the distance (we had been using binoculars the entire time) was a sort of domed shape object with a vent or riser or even maybe vertical spoiler coming from the top. It seemed to have landed and was turning both ways and all the way around. Assuming it was looking for the red “thing” that crashed I was flashing a light at it and waving up and down trying to be seen, then pointing the light toward the last place the red “thing” was seen. Shortly after this caught the attention of some authority lights, and then more and more they even brought out those panels of lights the flash different colors as seen in that movie. With all the lights the object started to raise into the air. It had a bottom plate (sort of like a clam only the two plates were not connected) and between the two plates was dark with the exception of a single small blue light. More and more lights and helicopters were zipping through the sky.

Not to make this about myself, but I feared for the being and believed it was catching my signals. I was saying “go up go up” and pointing up and it seemed to raise completely off the ground, I then pointed toward the last place that the red thing was seen, which was now replaced by blue blinking lights.

Again, this was through a pair of binoculars, but I do believe I say a greyish figure (yea go figure) walk down a platform and shortly return to the “ship”

Soon the entire area was covered by lights, bright lights aligned pointing at the object. The ship was then seemed to be guided away from me where a light formation of a V was formed by authorities I suppose and they (I think) covered it up with a tarp.

The next day, it appeared someone had tried to duplicate the object that was grounded. Failing to do so by the way, as the roof was not domed, of a different color and seemed to be made of blankets.

There appeared to be more than one of the faint objects in the sky than the one that appeared to have landed. So I hope the military do not aggravate anyone.

The previous night my friend and I were watching the night sky as we like to do, and I decided to try to get the attention of the non aircraft objects in the sky… as one was leaving out of sight…. this may sound crazy but looked like a saucer with a light circling it. The light was green and hit my eyes completely blinding me for a moment.

Since I don’t want MIB showing up at my doorstep, this may all be a complete fabrication from a bored old lady who missed her medication.

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Quinton, Birmingham, UK – 28 july 22.15
about 12 orange lights going across the sky no noise could not identify lookig through binoculars. looked as though they were going to collide at times lasted about 5 minutes.

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Daytone Beach, Fl – 27 July 2012 / 1:47 AM
while taking a smoke break i looked up to the night sky, I was shocked to see 3 UFO flying back to back past right by at very high speed and a constant speed, very quite like they were just cruising by.I wish i had my camcorder but no way i could get it, it was that fast.

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Hartstown Clonsilla, west Dublin – 27/07/12 @ 21:10 approx
Hi..I wes in my back garden throwing the ball to the dog, I looked up and in the air I guess at about 250-300 feet was a small object travelling from roughly west to east. It was moving at a steady pace I would say about 50 mph and at a constant altitude. We often see chinese lanterns around here but this was not alight, seemed to be a dark brown colour. I knocked at the window to my wife to see it – she did but only for a few seconds and hen it faded into the distance. I did not have time to get my camera. there was no sound. My first thought was that it might be a remote control craft but the height speed and shape made me wonder. i have not seen anything similar before. I guessed the object was about 10 ft diameter but hard to judje the scale. i checked on internet just now but no similar reports.

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Santa Fe, NM North sky – July 26, 2o12 2:30 AM
Very bright, multi-colored flashing lights, perhaps 20,000 ft high, hovered for at least an hour. Appeared to have 4 or more ufo’s without all of the flashing lights at various altitudes surrounding. Sky was quite clear.

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Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada seen from corner of isleville street and duffus – wed, july 25 2012 at about 10:30
i was at a park in the north end of halifax, and at about 10:30 i saw something in the sky. at first i saw a large and very bright light. there were two tiny blinking lights on either side. one was red, and the other was green. it came up over the trees, moving in a completely straight line. it made no noise at first, i then heard a humming kind of sound as it got closer. and traveled across the sky, from the north east. it made a 90 degree turn, i saw something bright and very small drop out down from it. then the light got smaller and smaller and it eventually disappeared. then there was just a triangle of three small blinking lights. it then went behind the some trees on the other side and i saw it make another sharp turn behind the trees and it continued to travel north east. it took only a few minutes for it to cross the sky.

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Niort France – July 24, 2012
So a new footage from France / Niort:


London, Buckingham palace – 22/07/2012 at 9.30am

Very strange, zoom in it is brilliant.


Chehalis, Wa 98532 @ 51 s.w. saunders way – approx. march @ 11pm
Me and my boyfriend Matt seen a light speed across the sky, we’ve seen three since we’ve lived here, two years now. I’ve also seen one hovering over centralia Wa. in July or Aug of 2009.

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Wrekin Hill, Shropshire UK – 21/07/2012 11:30PM

Darren Perks is a well known UK based UFO investigator based in one of the UKs UFO hotspots, the county of Shropshire. On 21st July 2012 at approx 2330 hours he managed to captured a UFO sphere moving silently at approx 400ft near to the west side of the Wrekin Hill near to the old A5 road. This are is renowned for sightings and has seen abductions in the area and Darren regulary investigates incidents near the Wrekin Hill. The hill it self has ley lines running through it and Darren thinks that UFOs and ET use the ley lines and the energy form the ground in that area to navigate and travel. This image was captured by him using a 12mp Fuji Bridge camera on auto settings with his tripod. For more info on his work you can visit his website: and you can also view video footgae of this sphere on his facebook page: Darren Perks UFO

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South/East Oahu, Hawaii – 7/16/12 12:30 PM Hawaii time
I filmed these very strange ringed clouds out side of my house in Hawaii just a few days ago. Many friends of mine saw the same clouds and were puzzled. In addition there has been no local news coverage of the strange event. I’ve sent my video to various UFO sighting type website and most of them have written back saying they were astounded and not sure as to what it could be. Thought you might want to check out the video or post it. Thanks

Youtube video link:

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Malaysia, Sabah, Kota Kinabalu – 15 July 2012 3:11pm
I take this 2 photo at 15 July 2012, 3:11pm, but when I took this photo I didnt notice anything on the sky, after that I’m transfer the photo to my computer I’m inadvertently see this 2 photo have strange object on the photo, so I’m try to report it



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Sitting on front deck of house – July 13, 2012 at dusk, again July 14, 2012
Friday’s UFO appeared as a bright Venus-like sighting nearly straight overhead. As I was certain it was not Venus, I continued to stare at it. Quite suddenly it dimmed to perhaps a quarter of its previous brilliance and its disc sheep became obvious. About four or five seconds later, it blinked out. No motion at all.

Saturday, I thought I would see what might happen at the same time around dusk. Daughter Julie asked me what makes me think it will happen again. I told her why not, never thought I would see it the first time. Almost gave up when a bright disc of red light appeared, moving west to east. Through binoculars this time I clearly saw red disc. No flashing lights, no wings or tail. Shape and color much like an LED round taillight, but much larger, of course. No engine sounds. Incredibly, when it was nearly overhead, it blinked out, then reappeared at about quarter brightness. Seconds later, it just blinked out.

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South Korea ( aboard korean airlines) – july 7th, 2012, between 2:30 am to 3:30 am
I was on board Korean air lines flight # 624, from Philippines to South Korea, on July 7th, when around this time ( dawn of july 7th ), I happened to check out the window plane and I was sitting next to the window. I don’t usually sleep when i travel so because i was bored, i check out the sky. We are cruising at an altitude of 32,000 feet ( i had the tv monitor on for the airline’s sky travel/air show ), then I happened to see a large, round object, on the left side of the plane. I looked harder , and I saw that the large object had lights on its entire diameter. The lights alternately lit up , that’s why I was able to see it even if it was dark. Then, my heart went pounding, wondering what could this be. Then the lights from the object went black out, I could only see the passing clouds. Then after ,3-5 seconds ( not sure), the lights went on again, lighting the entire periphery/diameter of the large , circle object. I never thought at that very moment that I should take a picture or not. My camera is inside my bag under my front seat. I even thought it was a factory, or something, bec. it was big, circle and bright. But then, I knew I was on board a plane that is 32,000 feet above the ground. It can’t be a factory, or anything, or how can it be so close just right a little below the plane. We are not descending or landing, we are cruising at a very high altitude, how can i see such object?

Then I forgot about telling it even to my husband or my son, or anybody, when I finally arrived in the US. Then we were talking at home about UFO’s, and saw a documentary on TV, then I remembered & told my husband about it. He laughed. He said, that i should maybe “google it”. So after 2 days, i finally googled it. I checked if there are UFO sightings anywhere ( just in case, there is, then i will not sound like a fool). Then to my surprise ( and it made my hair stood on end), there was this UFO sightings in South Korea, on july 6th, 2012 , at night. Then I could have been sure that that thing, the dawn of july 7th I saw, was a UFO. I don’t know what to say…I am just glad to let this all out from my mind, so I am writing this letter.
Thank you very much.

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Duanseburg, NY – 5/20/12; 5:27 PM

My wife and I were on our way from Toronto, Ontario to Albany, New York on May 20, 2012. I stopped near the bridge in Duanesburg, NY, in Schenectady County, to take photographs of the river. I downloaded the images when I got back home, but only noticed a small speck in the top right of the frame a few days ago when I decided to use it as a screensaver.

Enlarging it, it seems to be neither a bird nor a plane (certainly not a helicopter), and bears a distinct similarity to UFO images that have been photographed before. As I said, I was completely unaware of it at the time. If I had been, I could have zoomed right in on the object.

I used a Canon T2i DSLR, ISO 100, shutter speed 1/125, aperture f/11. The lens was the 18-55mm kit lens at its widest angle (the equivalent of 28mm on a full-frame 35mm camera). It is very hard to estimate the distance, but my best guess would be in the neighborhood of a half-mile. It was taken at 5:27 PM. I was facing south.

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Dulce, New Mexico – Google Eart UFO

While checking out Google Earth I came across what i believed was the sun but it appeared strange so i made the image bigger and saw two bright wide lines coming from it one either side, moving the image around i spotted something that looked like a UFO so i made the image bigger and here is what i saw; this image is 100% true on my behalf.

If you look you can see what appears to be a vapour trail coming from underneath it, the date when the image was took and when i spotted it can all be seen on the screen shot; if you have any opinions from yourself or your readers i would be welcome to see them.


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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – 08-04-2011
In April last year I see in Rio a special ovni not comun.It´s similar a flight but much more bigger and aprouches very very curves. First it is a big, after a bigger point and after the ovni, it´s apper.I never see this.Incredible.I see in the night and after many others points,not big appers in the sky,from left to right and right to left.

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Narre Warren, Australia – 12/6/1996 8.45pm

Taken by self, on film not digital.


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Eloy, Arizona – 1990-830pm
we have no pictures, but my brother ,and i have been closer to a ouf , than anyone on here, This UFO,appeared ,out of a cloud,about 2 stories high, it was sitting there ,in the air spinning, we could hear it, and i could smell the ,scent of dirty water, coming from it, it had white bright,lights coming from it all around the sides, it started to spin faster, i told my ,brother to get away from it, it took ,off like a beam of light, shooting smoke all over this ,empty area ,by out house. The police arrived a few minutes later asking, my brother and i , what we saw, i didnt know how to explain it then, But we now know that there real.I go back ,and ask peole around , there that saw it, and They are to afraid to talk ,about it.i drew a picture of it, im an artist.

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