CBS News feautures UFO sighting from Alvin, Texas

The sighting from Alvin, Texas back in 2008 was selected among a few others by National Geographic’s Chasing UFOs as a real sighting and among the best clear daylight shots ever taken.

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  1. Refuse to post this! These people are so obviously not who or what real investigators are about. You may as well have the crew from 'Jersey Shores' doing this program.

  2. I can see 2 votes for fake. It is clearly a television interview and yet 2 people took the time to discredit the clip. It just goes to show that some people refuse to believe the obvious.

  3. Yesterday I looked at both episodes and I'm disappointed. It is grotesque show without any scientific approach, simple logic or stage presence of the leads. Comments like, “What the f**** is that?” or waterfall of exclamations download the level of this program plus I do not wish to see repeated scenes and their faces most of the time. The only valuable things were witnesses and there

    • Great job,I have trouble with one language.<br />I watched the first 2 shows,but I do not plan to watch anymore Chasing UFOs episodes.I do plan to keep a list of Ufologists that guest star on this program.This way I will know witch ones to avoid and not waste my time on in the future.<br />This program is &quot;Docufiction&quot; a term used for a documentary that uses science mixed with science

    • Agreed on a New Hollywood Rich guys Show comments. Thank you.…<br />Now: UFO – not from our Planet does exist, saw it myself in Europe and US. They want us to know that they are here, and if they&#39;ve made it here they are in Power. As a matter of fact I think they were here long before us and never left.<br />Hope they wont bring us a book &quot;To serve Man&quot; :). No, they

  4. If you want to avoid the BS and you want to learn about the UFO phenomenon and it`s history a great documentary despite the title is &quot;UFO:The Secret History&quot;.I think it is the best ever made and I have watched about all the ones out there.

  5. Im pretty sure these guys are fake, and ufos are all around us, how can they say that ufos dont show up durring daylight? This is false , From watching almost every video from this website and doing 4 years of research i can clearly say, ufos are always around no matter what. Look at nasa carfully they are hiding alot under the pentagon.

  6. Whatever one says about &quot;the show&quot; good, bad or indifferent, money talks/merit walks. These people are getting major coin for what they&#39;re doing. Quality of the product, who cares, like most things these days. Want UFO info, use the net. Great thing about tv is channel changer and on/off switch.

  7. I live in a small island in the Indian Ocean.I&#39;ve and we have seen those lights in the sky..they have tremendous powers of will be fairy tale if we admit its man-made.Our nuclear or plasma power is &quot; prehistoric&quot; in front of theirs.Their displacement are 90 degrees straight and they are<br />awesomely fast!!! No plane or supersonic planes or projectiles can be that fast

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