Colorado Springs wildfire: UFO behind helicopter?

June & July 2012 – There have been many UFO sightings in and around Colorado Springs during the devastated wildfire. If you look behind the helicopter you’ll see something that can not be explained. It doesn’t look like another helicopter in the distance and it’s too slow to be an airplane.

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  1. This should be analyzed by MUFON, and I just can't understand how our government is so worried about terrorism but investigates nothing in our skies. This looks like someone watching our devastating fires, almost as a reporter would.

  2. the best close-up footage of any that I've seen so far. Why wasn't there any dialogue or comments concerning this sighting? I would really like to more of it! It does look real to me from what we see.

  3. might be a light aircraft of some sort it wasnt going that fast behind the helicoptor then it went out of view due to clouds or smoke ? keep an open mind could be a drone plane or maybe a ufo prob craft .

  4. certainly wasn't a drone plane..they do not fly near other crafts nor do they escort them. It is an unknown, the news reporters verified it by not speaking about it. Great catch by the poster. It's obvious that the craft was observing the helicopter since it traveled in front of it, pretty sure the pilot had it in view. People really don't need the confirmation of the media to

  5. I have seen rectangular ufo in January in England, it was pretty much same size and shape what I see on that video. I saw an object for about 5 seconds was really close I was driving but I open the window and there was no noise from this at all. I really wish I had camera with me as this thing was pretty amazing

  6. when you compare the lighting and shading of the ufo and the helicopter in front then they are the same. to me it looks like another helicopter. you can not see the rotors because of the distance and the smoke. you can barely see the rotors of the helicopter in front.

  7. this might be the best ufo sighting of all this might be proof that we are not alone how come this video is not on the news!!!

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