Glowing triangle over Milan, Italy 5-Jul-2012

Latest UFO sightings – Interesting footage of some kind of triangle-shaped craft hovering in the sky above Milan in Italy. This was recorded on Thursday, 5th July 2012 by Antonio Urzi. Camera: Canon HD Legria HFR 306.

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  1. anything mr urzi captures on camera is authentic he.s been filming them since young man he has countless witnesses girlfriends seen them brother friends miles of footage one of the genuine ufo spotters like billy meier & will be ridiculed by certain media people he has my trust because of his sincerity keep filming antonio & let us continue to enjoy your camerawork on ufo sightings net .

  2. What's up with the music on this? Makes what could a credible video seem cheap and contrived. Just a little too over the top for me.

  3. The setting sun reflecting of the bottom of a commercial aircraft.<br />Do I know that for sure? No.<br />But that is probably what it is.

    • I almost want to agree with you…and I&#39;ve seen &quot;setting sun reflecting of aircrafts&quot;…The ones I ve seen though only had a shinny reflection that mirror the exact color of red sun…and not a glowing red aura around the craft. However, I only made my observation with the naked eye…and not a camera at full zoom.

    • It is a plane, nothing special about it… suns reflection, and what crappy music… what is that for. How about next time talking about what u see.

    • It is a plane, even with blinking light, stupid music… first time visiting this sight and first video I looked at… this is under most remarkable…. wow no need to continue looking at this sight

  4. What an F*ing noise this thing makes!! Your clip has been doctored to hell!! If you want any credibility please don&#39;t mess the sound and picture up with your own editing!!

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