UFO filmed during Olympic games opening ceremony 2012? – Update!

I just received this UFO video of unidentified flying object flying over London, UK during the opening ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics, which was held on 27th July 2012 and was called “The Isles of Wonder”.
What do you think about this footage? Real deal?


Sunday, 29th July 2012 Update:
Here’s another footage of strange disc-shaped object hovering above London Olympics opening cemerony.
Any ideas what this is?

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  1. Was waiting (hoping) something would happen during the ceremony but we have to be REALLY discerning here because there were a lot of lights and objects released from the stadium as well as aircraft patrolling the skies for security purposes and for that reason i am going to reserve judgment on this for now….

    • Agree. Picture not clear or sharp enough to tell, but with all the security and military interest Drone cannot be ruled out.

  2. i thort i seen one orb flying around up there during the opening ceremony and i bet we will see more during the closing ceremony . i dont know why thay just come down and join in the festivity . would make a hell of a show if thay did .

  3. Sorry to throw water on this…however, that is a UAV…the glow it emits is from the HD camera and ulta-vi def camera.

  4. I was watching this and it was a small plane flying, there are better shots of it in HD which this isn't not matter what the video says it is, and because it's so bad it might look like a UFO but it a Cessna or similar plane! I have it on my DVR and I checked it…It's a plane!…Sorry!

  5. Just a precision about this video, I confirm this video is authentic because yesterday before to life for the work, I record the opening ceremony at channel 9 and I watch just now for to compare the video and surprise it is present exactly at the same moment but also before just is static ( not move ) it begin to move at the beginning of the firework. ( the colours cycling not match with a plane

    • Before posting sightings make sure to have super powerfull and very expensive optics to identify ufo.Otherwise you waste everyones time.

    • JRod UFO isn't absolutely relation with extra trial or Flynn saucer, UFO is Unidentified Flying Object and it is the point of this video. so maybe it is a toy, ( impossible in function of the level of security ) but at the moment the object isn't IDENTIFIED it is An Unidentified, second point I'm Witness many time.

    • sorry about some English mistake " before to leave to my work " and I compare the video from channel 9 and this video and is match the object is present on the video from channel 9 so this video isn't a montage, I would like to confirm with my channel 9 record but my video it is in my T-Box and I cant extract.

  6. Thank you for this footage! (I do believe I saw the energy field of the orb, changing colors. That such of a Rainbow.Near a magnetic energy field.)

    • Hi I saw the video and I know it is true as well as a matter of fact there were two of them not one just above<br />the place their shape were like donut shape what do you <br />reckon I believe that laterly there have been a lot of<br />sightings around the world I live in nz I have seen a <br />lot of ufo,s myself I am not joking you I am serious<br />about it.

  7. Extraterrestrial Vehicle…there are also many others in stealth mode numbering in the thousands coming and going constantly, globally and a large number in the UK, increased activity of Crop Circles, and announcements to gather momentum to the degree to prepare for Disclosure, just move towards this event and harbor no doubt. The absolute majority of people are not well informed to datum

  8. It is not moving very fast, just out of reach of the fireworks. Has anyone considered it might be a Shadowhawk Drone, the kind used by some law enforcement agencies?

  9. je ne félicites pas la sécurité ,si c&#39;est vraie qu&#39;on t&#39;ils a nous dire eux sur cette observation , tous le monde peut faire n&#39;importe quoi en l&#39;air .<br />ça vas être la reine qui doit être contente de savoir que l&#39;espace aérien n&#39;est qu&#39;un fromage même a 100m du stade ,je trouve ça fort …..!centaure 26

  10. It is an interesting idea but I do agree with andrew. Why couldn&#39;t they come down? Actually now that I think about it ,why donn&#39;t any of the UFO&#39;s come down? I would love to see some real live aliens meet the Queen. She would probably be like &#39;Oh my lord! Philip, why is it green? and why on Earth is it staring at everyone but ME!&#39;

  11. Seems like some of you need to see what a probe actually looks like, before calling this one of them. For sure no blimp pilot will fly over a fireworks display. Not too mention a cessna doing a fly over in a restricted zone. Some theories simply do not hold water..of all the places to fly a UAV, over as many fireworks that&#39;s in this show, really?

  12. It probably was a UAV. With all the pyrotechnics exploding, and the vast countries all involved in participation and spectating, its purpose was probably security surveillance and/or some filming/photographing.

  13. If this is a plane, blimp or UAV, where are the REQUIRED navigational lights. Second, and most importantly, due to the danger of flying this close and low to the fireworks I don&#39;t believe it is a manned or a UAV craft. The risk would be to high to the public below. If it were to be damaged by a firework it would crash into all of the people below and I don&#39;t believe for this reason

  14. the disc could simply be a tordodial vortex ( smoke rings) from the fire works, as they are fired from pipes on the ground? color changes could be related to the succesive explosions. wish we knew.

  15. This is de Galactic Confederation: just read &quot;Galacticchannelings com&quot; of Mike Quinsey of july 30 2012

  16. I just read in the news today that it was a Goodyear Blimp. Goodyear stated they had a new type of blimp and they showed pictures of it, which matched the shape of the object filmed.

  17. This area would be a no fly zone since this is an international event. You don&#39;t even see a news helicopter, and this is a huge event! Even if they did allow media in the area with news helicopters, they wouldn&#39;t allow them there during fireworks. It&#39;s not a blimp DUMBASS!!! If you you believe it&#39;s a blimp….You&#39;re DUMBER than a Fukkin box of rocks!!! An Alzheimer&#39;s

  18. according to Goodyear it is their blimp they reported having the only thing allowed to fly over the area. So if they are above the object how is it they are able to see themsleves from above no less!

  19. Mass hypnosis: Masses wanting to see something&gt; Tell them the truth and they will steam disappointment…see…the Goodyear Blimp…far above the fireworks display…think about it…who is producing all those beautiful displays of the activities each day for Television …who can hover…taking photos…helicopter and blimps….later…over Ireland, Scotland, France, North Africa, Spain,,,,

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