UFO activity seen and filmed over British Columbia, Canada 21-Jul-2012

This video of bright unidentified flying objects flying across the sky near Terrace, a city on the Skeena River in British Columbia, Canada, was recorded on Saturday, 21nd July 2012 around 10:30 pm.

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  1. I have seen those too…<br />Lights in column formation – Not sure if these in the video are orange..?<br /><br />Those I&#39;ve seen flying like this <br />- Was orange.<br /><br />Seen such columns 3 times…<br />Every time they where Orange.<br /><br />;)

  2. quite obviously Chinese lanterns, every video like this uploaded as ufo just goes to discredit genuine explainable accounts.

  3. That was interesting.these glowing orbs resemble those that were above crop circles years ago.im here in florida and these sightings are interesting to me because of the diverse countries they are showing up in all over the world.its like a warning signal to the whole world and not a specific place or time.great footage,thanks for posting it.answers look as if they will be coming soon to all of

  4. Looks like something straight out of &quot;Close Encounters&quot;. Unfortunate you couldn&#39;t get closer. Good footage though. Make you wonder ? doesn&#39;t it!!!

    • If they where Chinese lanterns they would be the size of buses. The cloud formation resembles Cumulus fractus or Cumulus mediocris(Stratocumulus)normally seen below 6000ft, and not higher. Additionally, they are no lower than 1200ft. Development; stage 1) Moist air mass is lifted by a frontal system or a landmass to a level where condensation occurs; slight instability at cloud level then creates

    • To those who comment the vid is of &quot;chinese lanterns&quot;.. obviously you are not familiar with either the locale or the weather of northwestern BC. Burns Lake is a rural location (and this is actually outside of the town) nestled in mountainous country with heavy cxross wind. The weather has been thunder and rain over recent weeks. Likelihood of it being Chinese lanterns (which are

    • I don&#39;t know how you would be able to zoom in with a telescope on a moving object, but good for you. They are all coming from the same area, and there&#39;s nothing to prove to me that these are anything but Chinese lanterns, maybe you have some evidence that is not shown in this video?

  5. I saw similar lights in Fife, Scotland on Thursday 27th October 2011 at around 22:00. They were orange in colour and appeared to be controlled and silent. I have seen chinese lanterns several times and what I saw were not chinese lanterns. Puzzingly someone who&#39;s husband worked at RAF Leuchars had said that there was something strange in the sky the night I saw the lights. They did not say

  6. Might be helpful to recognize the unlikeliness that this is &quot;chinese lanterns&quot; due to the topography and weather of the locale. Terrace is in north central BC surrounded by mountain. The wind current is fierce and unpredictable in the upper altitudes. The weather over recent weeks has been storm and rain. Very unlikely that a flame &amp; paper envelope would remain aloft n lit in

  7. Just goes to show, I hit the real button on this.<br />I feel like a right mong now as they are obviously lanterns.<br />Just goes to show even long time UFO researchers like myself can balls things right up.<br />The important thing is that I hold my hands up and admit I made a mistake, after all<br />we&#39;re only interested in the truth……….right guys?

    • Big Adolph..usually I agree wholeheartedly with your comments in this forum. In this situation I urge you to reconsider fact. It is not a case of &quot;it must be extraterrestrial&quot; so much as &quot;it is unlikely to be chinese lantern due to weather/climate/topography/locale/size differentiation. But hey, what do I know? I&#39;m just an objective observer without agenda. ; )

    • upon your advice I took another look at this, it a great piece of footage. However the flickering nature of the orbs makes me lean towards lanterns.<br />I&#39;ve seen lanterns rise slowly into the sky before shooting off when they hit an air current. Cant wait for these things to be banned.<br />ps you should use a user name if you&#39;re a regular : )

    • You are correct Big Adolf. I am an astronomer from Terrace and know exactly where this footage was taken. The wind off the lake that night was to the north. The same direction these lanterns are floating. There was a guy I know that even admitted they set them off from a wedding at Lakelse lake. The lantern&#39;s are no more than 2-300 feet in the air at 0:35. <br />There was a better looking UFO

  8. We saw the exact same thing tonight in Lakeville NB. Twelve of them flew by. No one was able to identify what they were.

  9. Sorry folks but they are Chinese lanterns or the US equivalent.See these on a nightly basis in the UK. We are not being invaded, trust me.

    • As an interested person in the subject of UFO&#39;s, I can completely agree with you, they are Chinese lanterns without a doubt. We see them on a regular basis on this website, it&#39;s as if they have nothing more interesting to show sometimes so they fall back to the old standard…..Chinese lantern videos.

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