Huge UFO hovering above Utah 11-Aug-2012

UFO videos – This huge unidentified flying object was seen and recorded hovering in the sky above Utah on Saturday, 11th August 2012.

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  1. helicopter landing on helipad no ufo the radios airports would been inundated with calls police no reports ? did yous check

  2. This is so good, thanks for the video, you wonderful people, yes the Orbs, can come in and out, through the Diamensions/portals, as they are everywhere, for they are Energy..I am so excited…love to you guys…

  3. This is not a helicopter. There are so many people to wish not to face the truth. I have witnessed over 20 sightings in just the last 3 months. And I have not been alone. The things I have seen can not be explained . Ultimate Smash

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