Poll #37: Do you think there are “aliens” living in Earth’s underground?

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Do you think there are “aliens” living in Earth’s underground?

Start Date: Wednesday, August 1, 2012
End Date: Friday, August 31, 2012

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Poll #36: Have you ever seen a UFO?

Yes: 77%
No: 23%

Start Date: Sunday, July 1, 2012
End Date: Tuesday, July 31, 2012
Total voters: 2047

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  1. Well if we have the ability to dig down and build Metro stations and, assuming the alien technology is 100's if not 1000's of years more advanced then ANYTHING is possible. They could be using ultra-laser technology in amazing ways we don't even think about at our current level of Global consciousness.

  2. considering the Earth is 75% oceans, it's more likely that any extraterrestrial craft would land there. It's likely also that they would set up a base underwater too.

  3. I belive that that 1 person in 200 have talked with a entity of some sort in there life time . so the next time u watch TV , goto the movie,s or even the drive through fast food outlet have a good look . U just mite be speaking to an Alien.

  4. Yes most definitely aliens are here. All you have to do is look at man's in complete history. What? We have amnesia, we forgot how we built all the ancient monuments on different continents. Any body read Chariot of the Gods. We need to wake up.

  5. The current UFO phenomenon began in 1947 at Roswell with the crash of an extraterrestrial space ship.<br /><br />Roswell was home to the 509th atomic bombing group in 1947, could that have any thing to do with it? What could it all mean?<br /><br /><br />Are you aware that only a few hundred nuclear weapons exploding over our heads would end the human existence on the surface of the planet.<br /

  6. I have a 64 y.o. sister that has a 17 y.o. half-alien living person. She lives in Washington. signed, : &quot;VOL-TARR&quot;

  7. Naturaly they are present wherever in what dimension ever and such, because they need to stay aloof. They need to stay aloof because there spiritualy very capable multidimensional beings which cannot communicate with human beings 1 on 1 in language. Their mouth is used for different spiritual or sonic/psychic purposes.Amongst themselves they are busy as litlle bees so to speak.Their mission


  9. I lay down on the grass one day, under a tree, just enjoying a sunny day, and a perfect equiangular triangle-shaped craft hovered just above me. It was at a very high altitude, but close enough I could see it wasn&#39;t an airplane. It was made of some sort of shiny metal. It just hovered for a few moments. I thought I was seeing things. I stared at it for a moment, and then it took off in a

    • The Olympic sighting Should tell Us All that They want Us to Know . They Are here …. If people who have viewed this video Deny that sighting . They seriously need to be More Open to other Ideas … 🙂

    • Aliens Underground ? Yes , and Definitly under Mother earth&#39;s ocean&#39;s …. Now how about on the moon , In the Moon? … And Underground on Mars … Think about it folks! … 🙂 …. Really …. these are matters that Should make You go Mmmm …. 8/17/2012

  10. srsly.<br /><br />see the pixel at the tip of your mouse pointer?<br /><br />compare that to the size of your entire screen.<br /><br />what&#39;s 1080p; 1920×1080, right?<br /><br />how big is one fire-ape compared to the planet (topographically) that we infest?<br /><br />think of how many of us own land to farm on.<br /><br />look at the size of farms, and how many there are.<br /><br />looks

  11. Yes I have seen a UFO about43 years ago over the top of flats 12 story high in southeast London , Woolwich in fact , a silver disc with windows aruound in different coulors around the middle it was reported by many people including the police.<br />Are they living underground probaly I dont know??

  12. I have been reviewing all the information on various subjects and look at this from a different view. I don&#39;t believe we are divided by space. I think we all occupy the same space but at different frequency&#39;s. I have a strong feeling that this current time we live in is the galactic sweet spot that allows all of the other realities to be seen. Be ready for anything. The reality we live

  13. If they came here from some other planet then they either came in a slow multigenerational vehicle or else they have developed some kind of really fast method of traveling or maybe they live a long long time. So if they can go really fast and I do mean fast, it seems like instead of setting up a base here they would just do their thing and then go home like we go home after work. If they came on

  14. Last night, somewhere between the hours of 11pm and midnight I would say, I was sitting with my friend by the big pile of rocks at Clear Lake halfway up Guanella pass. from the west northwest, over the horizon, a bright white single light object moved steadily towards the east southeast. No sound. then my friend and I heard a plane, thought it was the single light object, but turns out an

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