Most remarkable UFO sightings in July 2012

Most remarkable UFO sightings in July 2012 by

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5th July 2012; glowing triangle – Milan, Italy

6th July 2012; UFO – ECETI Ranch, Washington

7th July 2012; unknown lights – Moscow, Russia

8th July 2012; triangle formation – Denver, Colorado

9th July 2012; unknown object – Tijuana, Mexico

15th July 2012; unknown object – Jinan, China

19th July 2012; triangle UFO – New Orleans, Louisiana

21st July 2012; unknown lights – Terrace, BC, Canada

26th July 2012; fast UFO – Busan, South Korea

27th July 2012; flying saucer – London, UK

29th July 2012; triangle UFO – Clent Hills, UK

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  1. Many of these 'disc-shaped' UFOs are likely Canadair CL Series Sentinels. The Sentinel has a turbine engine in the center and rotor blades about the outer middle, antennas/cameras at the top, since they are unmanned, and tripod-like landing gear. Canada was decades ahead of us in unmanned aircraft.

  2. Anonymous<br /> Our intelligence goes much deeper than all this.<br /> We oppose deception , on all levels . The objects you <br /> are wittnesing are intermingled within the conditioning<br /> of your human nature , percieved illusions . Albeit ,<br /> it is done . Watch for us….

  3. i think that by now after all the recovered crashed UFO&#39;s that the secret gov has there own an they are trying to make us think that we are going/getting invaded so that the NWO can take over easier…just food for thought

  4. they&#39;re here.have been for ages. we&#39;re all in for some kinda hell. global underground bases are being speedily made, as are weapons technologies of many sorts. keeping things &quot;secretive&quot; from so-called native earthlings, you and me, isn&#39;t nearly as difficult as it is from &quot;them&quot;, friend or foe (we&#39;ve more alien foes than friends). our centres of recent weapons

    • Cool story about aliens…William, just wondering why you killed Natsumi? Murdered her. She was 100 Lbs and 5 feet tall. Harmless. So, why did you kill her?

      William Victor Schneider (49)

  5. have been looking for the best of july 2012? Had the soundtrack moving at the speed of sound! We meaning my family liked to start the day of with that video and now cant find it!Waaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!Please HELP!!!!! Want it back! Had it in my fav’s.. but it to is gone?

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