UFO activity above Lake Erie, US 9-Aug-2012

FAA & Cleveland Airports report Lake Erie UFO’s Not In Normal Flight Paths, Not Showing Up On Radar and Nothing They Are Doing!

MSNBC contacted the FAA and all local Cleveland Airports who said These objects are not in normal flight paths, that none of these objects were anyhting they were doing and these objects were not showing up on any of the airports radar as well!

Author (FrozenHill @ youtube)

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  1. Great video guys. For those that think this can be explained as stars or military exercises most certainly have their heads in the sand. Wake up people, what you see is what you get. Thanks for sharing..

  2. I dam near stopped watching after first airplane ! HOWEVER that is some really good footage of UFO's at ERIE !!

  3. You certainly have something here.<br />These are virtually materialising before our eyes.<br />To be totally honest I first thought it had been tampered with however after about an hour &amp; a half of numerous tests &amp; observations I must bow &amp; humbly ask your forgiveness for indeed doubting you.<br />It is through people such as yourself that the big discoveries &amp; evidence that will

  4. I was looking through the web and found this site and I&#39;ve seen EXACTLY this tonight. I live in Oporto (Portugal) and I was awake at 3am to see Jupiter through my telescope and suddenly and started seeing a single point in the sky. Firt, I ignored it because I thought it was a plane but then it started turning it&#39;s light on and off and at some point it stopped moving. Through my telescope

  5. This close to home. I lived a few blocks from Burke Lake Front Airport for years. My son lives just less than a mile away. At one point before it starts tilting, you can actually see the rounded top of the craft.

  6. This is close to home. I lived just a short distance from Burke Lakefront Airport and Lake Erie for many years. My son lives very close to there. If you watch the whole video carefully, there is one point before it starts to tilt that you can actually see the rounded top of the craft.

  7. We have been seeing these lights popping up in our skys here in the outskirts of Vancouver BC Canada for about the last 6 days…they hover and move, change color and are often in the triangle formation. Thanks for posting this video!

  8. Back in May, I was returning to Chicago from DC on Amtrak. The train stopped in Cleveland for about 45 minutes about 2:00 AM. I happened to see multiple UFOs, or orbs, circling around the spire of the Key Building. There were as many as 8 , then some disappeared only to return. I later read that others have known about the orbs circling this building.

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