UFOs, Exopolitics and the New World Disorder with Ed Komarek

Your host Rick Scouler welcomes ufologist and author Ed Komarek to discuss his 40 year career as a well known ufologist, as well as his new book “UFOs, Exopolitics and the New World Disorder”. Ed takes us back to the early 1950s as he talks about the controversial Eisenhower-ET meeting and the beginnings of the Bilderberg Group.

Ed also discusses how he got started investigating UFOs and the Paranormal after a life changing event…

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  2. Fools. These are nothing more than demons. 2nd Corinthians chapter 11- verse 14. Satan masquerades as an angel of light. Sound familiar? "Lightworkers"? You and government are lied to by these "angels of light" Who will survive when the end comes and the creator destroys these awful demons? Luke chapter 17, verse 26 Few. Very few. Don't be blinded————

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