Daytime UFO in the sky above Corvallis, Oregon 20-Sep-2012

UFO sightings – Some kind of cigar-shaped UFO was seen and recorded in the daytime sky above Corvallis, Oregon on Thursday, 20th September 2012.

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  1. More than likely it's the new blimp that the Government is testing. I live in NJ and saw one being tested at Fort Dix/ McGuire about a month ago. People started calling the Radio Station's and the Police Dept. saying it was a UFO. It is very similar to what is filmed. If they could have gotten closer photos it would probably show the 3 little prongs at the end of it.

  2. More than likely it's the new government blimp that they are testing. I live in NJ and saw the new blimp being tested at Fort Dix/McGuire Base. People were calling the police and Radio station's reporting a UFO. If they could have gotten a closer picture you probably would have seen the 3 prongs that the back of it has.

  3. Okay….come on now! First…. it totally looks just like a BLIMP! Second…..Why on EARTH would someone film what they believe is an UFO and not continue to film it until it takes off??? I can see someone being confused if they have never actually witnessed a blimp before (or an NFL game), but Good Grief Charlie Brown….don't put the camera down next time! And by ALL means, don't go

  4. To say it's a blimp an dismiss it…. is the product of a closed and feeble mind…. there's not enough here to see to say what it is or with certainty. Better to say it is "Unidentified" Why ? because it is.

  5. LOOKS like that property Is For &quot; Auction &quot; ???? A Bit Of Desperation to SELL The Property Ha! Ha!<br /><br />What Next ??? A Photoshop of a Bald or Golden Eagle perched on the fence post????<br /><br />Baja

  6. what is a blimp guys it looks like a stationary ufo or picture superimposed in a sky type back ground ? im not from america but scottish we get plenty of ufo sightings over here daily never seen one like that though interesting

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