New video of UFOs hovering above Fullerton, California 9-Sep-2012

Latest UFO sightings – This interesting video of unknown lights hovering in the sky above Fullerton in California was recorded on Sunday, 9th September 2012.
Witness report: around 12:30 am on Saturday September 9, 2012 above Fullerton, CA. they seemed to be pretty big, although they were far away. they all rose up in the same direction and faded out as they rose above the clouds. a few more were rising from behind the tree and building in the lower right, if you look closely.
Author (effekt59 @ youtube)
Note: Watch in full screen!

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  1. 40 people ticking the real box! Thats a joke right guys?<br />If there existed a video &#39;Oxford dictionary&#39;, under the term &#39;sky lantern aka chinese lantern&#39; this would be the definitive example presented to the world.<br />For each additional person that ticks the real box above 45 I&#39;m going to throw myself down the stairs!<br />I&#39;m not kidding either…..I&#39;ve harmed

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