UFO caught on tape over Oregon – September 2012

Latest UFO sightings – This interesting footage was recorded in the night sky above Oregon in September 2012.
Witness report: To date perhaps the top video capture in the archive for 2012 and filmed using three camcorders. An amazing close-up of the UFO moving overhead with an unusual light array. In the HI8 cam the lights shimmer and go out and blink into a new configiration of illuminated lights.The object is heading North and changes course to east-south-east heading.
FYI at~ @2:30 in the video you hear the high pitch sound of the image intesifier tube being turned on.
Author (whotookmymojo @ youtube)

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  1. Man, I watched a similiar object (light) in Oklahoma about a month ago. It caught my eye because of its brightness. Looked like a close star or actually like a planes headlight, although it was quite far away. Once I noticed it – it moved perpendicular to the left, then to the right a little father, then back where it had been. Then it descended very slowly (like in the video). It moved so slow

  2. I saw a UFO over the Willamette river recently in 2013. it was red with a silver cloth over it and a pointy pyramidal roof

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