Photo Showing UFO in the Sky of Bristol, Tennessee

The unusual flying object was caught in camera moving over large numbers of racing fans. The UFO was described by witnesses as black triangle. The photographer was not certain about the object at the time he took the shot but upon thorough analysis of the photo, it shows no sign of tampering. The shot appears to be taken from the outside and not behind glass, and the object is clearly not a lens flare from bright lights or cars. Occasionally, reflection on glass produces object like in the photo especially if a person takes a shot from inside a building or a vehicle.

The photo shows antenna in the foreground which is a telephone guy wire. The photographer was standing on a hill having a clear view of the traffic. The camera used in the picture is a digital camera with an 85mm f1.8 lens. The photographer intentionally took the picture in black and white. He said that he usually shoots in black and white at night to avoid getting bluish and orange tint because of incandescent lights and mercury vapor. Some digital cameras are usually not good in dealing with color temperatures especially with different light sources.

The photo is dated August 23, 2012 at 8:56 in the evening, Thursday. It was taken on Volunteer Parkway Bristol, Tennessee, around 5 miles North from Bristol motor speedway.

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  1. Rather incredible shot! <br /><br />I constantly wonder if this phenom&#39; will be admitted by government in our lifetime, or if they will even register some passing interest in the overwhelming frequency of these occurrences?<br /><br />Guess not……………..

  2. This looks almost exactly like the thing my friend and I saw on the same night…in Kansas City just after 10:30 pm. My friend was in her apartment ten blocks away from me when I mentioned it to her. I was on my back porch. At first I thought it was a plane, but the low rumbling sound wasn&#39;t like any plane she or I had ever heard. I also thought it was at at very low altitude and almost

  3. I live in Bristol and I saw something very strange just two nights before this sighting. I reported it to MUFON just in case someone else saw something as well. The skies of Bristol seem to be busy. Curious indeed.

  4. its funny to me how some folks can get on here and with such certainty declare this is a blimp, but I live at the racetrack in Bristol, tn and I have seen this craft so many times I have lost count and it most definatly is not blimp and I have seen it when the races were not going on, I recognize the 2, long, rectangular windows, it also has 4 white lights that are on this maltese cross looking thing and i can say this with certainty, I have also seen a silver, disc shaped flying saucer near the track in the daylight hours and I have seen huge balls of lights as big as a hot air balloon falling through the sky on 3 occasions

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