Poll #38: Do you think Biblical God is a superior extraterrestrial being?

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Do you think Biblical God is a superior extraterrestrial being?

Start Date: Saturday, September 1, 2012
End Date: Sunday, September 30, 2012

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Poll #37: Do you think there are “aliens” living in Earth’s underground?

Yes: 75%
No: 25%

Start Date: Wednesday, August 1, 2012
End Date: Friday, August 31, 2012
Total voters: 1565

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  1. If it is what it is, how can it be anything other than a "Superior Extraterrestrial Being." I believe it as Superior and not of this World, as in Earth. But a creator of our reality, who is anything but pleased with how we have failed to care for our Mother and all her inhabitants. My humble opinion and choice of belief.

    • Yes, I believe that the Source, God, Creator, is of A superior, is a Light & Energy Being, of Love, Truth, Knowing, being that we hold within ourselves, the light, that is our part of our Higher Self, being part of a Collective of all, all being Angelic light/beings, all created for experience of being here. Your answer Oscar Ballard is correct..My love and light to you..Allanah Stanhope,

  2. Biblical God obviously is "not of this world" which means ET and without doubt far superior. I do believe there is something even more superior than the Biblical God. We humans have only been allowed a glimpse into the "above and beyond".

  3. More important than the question, is God an ET, is the question, is Satan an ET? The answer, if you read the Bible, is clearly "yes." Satan is referred to in the Bible as a dragon and a serpent. He is immortal, and as Jesus pointed out, "there is no truth in him." He is a liar and a deceiver, and in the end days he will "deceive the whole world." Almost all ancient

    • Can you put in a box a spaceship 3-4 times the size of Earth?<br />And in any case, YOUR bible talks about fallen angels (fallen is NOT a metaphor, they fell (r descended) from the sky – always as per bible). All religious documents (Curan, Bible, etc) or at least whatever left from the religious literature, has a clear, unique, always present and described connection: this with the skies! In all

  4. And what would be the difference? In any case, god or gods or – you name them – does not care for Earth, Animals, People; Earth is being killed by humans every day; People create tsunamis, earthquakes, typhoons, etc; Animals are being killed and dislocated by humans; Humans are killing humans, control their food and their diseases… Hmmmmm who is god, anyway? Who does play god? For sure, a lot

  5. God, created universe. God doesnt have a White beard. He&#39;s not necessarly a Man or a Woman. And he doesnt have a white jacket. He&#39;s not a E.t Cuz, U have to think futher than just earth.

  6. LISTEN CAREFULLY to those who are ufo/aliens believers<br /><br />Aliens are not God, they are just helping us just like we are helping them with whatever they need from us. I am a true believer of aliens and also in God as well. GOD is number one and will always be. Aliens are just like us except they just have advanced techology. <br /><br />Again God is first, aliens and us are just second

  7. So nobody commenting here read the &#39;Twelfth Planet&#39; by Zecharia Sitchin (check your wiki). Mhh. Here is another thought. It took mankind some 6,000 years to move from a cave to a &quot;cave&quot; circling the earth (ISS) and perhaps on the moon and Mars in another 100 years. <br />Dinosaur trotted the earth for over 150 mln years. Hasn&#39;t there been a litle tiny dino in that period,

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