Most remarkable UFO sightings in August 2012

Most remarkable UFO sightings in August 2012 by

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August 2012; unidentified flying objects – Mars (Curiosity)

3rd August 2012; UFO – Palmira, Colombia

5th August 2012; flying saucer – Fresno, California

12th August 2012; bright UFO or orb – Stockholm, Sweden

15th August 2012; triangle craft – Townsville, Australia

25th August 2012; UFO formation – Sydney, Australia

26th August 2012; unknown lights – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

26th August 2012; unknown bright objects – Brooklyn, New York

29th August 2012; UFOs – India

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  2. religions may have a relation if you considers gods as extra-terrestrial people bringing civilisation knowledges and support. in exchange of… maybe wonders of earth. what do we knox about earth ? quite nothing except lasts centuries and what historians (like plato) wanted us to know

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