UFO 2012: Triangle craft over Oregon

UFO sightings 2012 – This triangle-shaped craft was recently seen and recorded in the sky above Oregon.
Witness report: The UFO was noticed as it was coming overhead from the South traveling North and then changes direction to move North East and then South around the perimeter location . The NEX cam was on a tripod and captured the triangle in HD and the night vision continues to track the object.
Author (whotookmymojo @ youtube)

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  1. these triangles are def military craft test flying throughout the world the lights are always noticed the main structure is hidden just an opinion folks great shot through nex cam in hd .

  2. Wow…. what in insult to our intel, guy. Seriously, I am a pilot and ALL aircraft flying low require a RED rotating beacon on the bottom of our craft. Otherwise, the other lights on it could be anything from a sail plane to military aircraft. BUT, what p***es me off is that you try to pass this off as something…. why didn't you film it in night vision first ?? You would have had

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