UFO activity caught on tape over Phoenix, Arizona 18-Sep-2012

UFO sightings – These two UFOs or orbs were recorded over Phoenix, Arizona on September 18, 2012.

Witness report: My neighbor came and knocked on my door and was freaking out saying something about UFO’s, I walked out front and saw two orange orbs floating over the city, they definitely weren’t planes. I ran inside to grab my camera but when I got back out they had disappeared, my neighbor said she saw them go out like someone switched out the light. After a few minutes she went back inside, I continued to look for them and saw them reappear in a different part of the sky and thats when I started filming. Around 3:30 they both disappear as a plane approaches and then one of them reappears in a different spot. Maybe theres an explanation, but as of now they’re unidentified….
Author (tonyaguilera @ youtube)

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  1. how many more lanterns are we going to have to see before we stop having ufos reported …… its a lantern for gods sake open your eyes

    • Lol….. if u seen it with your own eyes you would say different…….. I would believe lanterns if they were dropped from a plane……

  2. Dunno about what they are, however that was informative commentary (who, what, when, where, why.). Most postings you get music or stupid comments.

  3. I saw this last night as well around 945 to 1030…… This is 100% real I have always watched the skies waiting to see something…. I am a skeptical believer but now I believe 100% we are being visited or the military has some weird stuff……

  4. I am a commercial truck driver and I have been driving through the same route for over a year. I drive over night from Tucson to Blythe and back with a 14 hour window to complete. My co-worker and I usually leave Tucson around the same time, and I assumed that he had taken I-8 to go around Phoenix as usual but that night he had to make an extra stop at Phoenix. So I called him via phone and

    • Chinese lanterns start from the ground…. theese popped up out of nowhere……. again Thursday night last night they showed up…… this time there was three…… then just one….. it did not last as long and there where plains or helecopters flying in the area after….. I was viewing this from the other end of the valley……. I was on loop 202 by the mccellops exit………. I have never

  5. Thanks for sharing your awesome video! You have a tremendous amount of real votes compared to fake votes. It was certainly obvious that the orbs were not airplanes and the orbs being able to disappear and reappear in a different locations was clearly UFO like.

  6. if we study ufo sightings across the decades long before chinese lanterns were popular in the west we will see that orange or red orbs of light were often reported.<br />The foo fighters of ww2 were most often described as orange balls of fire. <br />Its quite premature to call every orange ufo a lantern or flare.In paul hills book &quot;unconventional flying objects&quot; he equates the orange

  7. My husband I were driving to Las Vegas from Phoenix, September 20, 2010. We were about 20 minutes outside of Kingman and it was pitch black and there was no one on the road except for another car behind us we know they saw too becausey they slammed on their brakes behind us. It was about 10:00 at night. I was talking to my husband when all of a sudden he got this very strange expression on his

  8. I&#39;m not sure if these are lanterns or not, but I stay in Kalamazoo, MI and last night (9-20-12) I saw 2 that were moving from east to West and then just stopped, hovered then the light got real bright and zipped away so quick that if you blinked you missed it. The orange ones appered after I saw 3 other things that travled west to east 3x&#39;s the speed of a plan and has a abnormal moving

  9. Curious: aliens seem to enjoy particularly the weather in Pheonix Arizona. Always hard to believe that, after crossing years of light time, they finally settle in a tiny place on our planet. May be they want to attend some of Phoenix conferences on ufos ?

  10. I live in Phoenix Arizona myself and have witnessed a few different, unexplained things in our skies. each time I was not alone and not the only one to witness these events. each event was very different in the the time of day, the type of craft, distances, speeds, and actions.

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