Unidentified flying object caught on tape over Tucson, Arizona 6-Sep-2012

Latest UFO sightings – Some kind of triangle-shaped craft was seen and filmed over Tucson in Arizona on Thursday, 6th September 2012.
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  1. 3 point light formation + flashing lights at regular intervals= airplane. Thanks for posting another failed attempt at legit ufo hunting. You give real hunters a bad name.

    • Hey at least there are people out there making an attempt to catch something unexplainable. I wish everyone would be more open minded about UFOs and tape something they cant explain. Maybe the legit sighting will provide hard proof to the skeptics. I appreciate this attempt and the effort of this person.

  2. This looks like the the third phase of moon object that was supposedly caught on video at a north carolina beach,only this footage looks legit.especially at the end of the video when object pulls down and away,but who knows these days everyone wants to get on the youtube.crazy kids lol.

  3. i down loaded this video and brightened it up a bit and looked at it frame by frame and it looks like an Air Force F117 stealth fighter with landing lights on.

  4. Whoever took this video, please, can you keep the camera STILL?! I can't tell what's going on with the camera going all over the place the whole time! I'm serious, I have no idea what I just saw, thanks to the shoddy camera work. It may indeed be a UFO, but I'm having a hard time even seeing it!

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