Unknown lights over Myrtle beach, South Carolina 13-Sep-2012

Latest UFO sightings – This footage of unknown lights hovering in the night sky above Myrtle beach in South Carolina was recorded on Thursday, 13th September 2012.

Witness report: Sighting location: Murrells inlet over gulf stream cafe in garden city
Date: 9/13/12

I was on a boat with five friends. We looked over to the entrance of the inlet and saw 7 lights vertical they then turned horizontal. The lights turned off. They re appeared over the gulf stream cafe. I began recording . Be patient with the video you don’t see the real footage till the middle about 45 sec. The fire balls shot around the sky.They then stopped 1 light turned on and so forth until ten lights spin in a circle. If you can plug your computer into a big screen please do. You will see a min of 10 lights spin in a circle then disappear multicolor. I have 4 other videos of the same thing on my friends phones. I have never seen anything like this. I called channel 13 wmbf. They advised me they sprayed military chaff (chemtrails) and they are shooting flares from f16 for practice. She said they had hundreds of calls. I asked about the lights in a circle spinning and shooting all around she said she can’t comment. I asked if she wanted the video she said no lol. Sounds like they are giving up the chemtrails conspiracy to cover up the ufos.

Author: Dan
source: submitted to www.Latest-UFO-Sightings.net

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  1. this is amazing i live in the area and i witnessed this along with many of my friends from different places across myrtle beach this is legit

  2. Very Impressive!!! I've had a similar experience a few years ago and it is comforting to me to know that others are also being amazed by UFO experiences. We are NOT crazy!!! Seeing IS Believing and believing Is Eye-Opening to what is beyond our presumed reality! Was the world ever flat? The majority sure thought so!!! Do you think the so-called nut-cases ever got an apology from the flat

    • Must say the analogy you used about the "Flat thinkers" is ingenius, but the fact is your absolutely right, these beings from one of possibly countless worlds in the heavens appear to have no malevolent motives, or not that I know of, but only venture out of our stratosphere and give a population a "twilight light show". Have they been here since our Ancient past? Hell, for

  3. It is real… I saw a string of lights moving very slowly low altitude over Loris which is about 15 miles inland around the same time of night. It was def not an airplane or any chemicals. My 2 children and I saw it, but I was driving and could not get any pix or video.

  4. I live in NC and have been to Myrtle Beach. Seeing how the area is one huge theme park, the lights might be part of some fireworks or a blimp or some aerial attraction.<br /><br />Nice try.

    • No they are not. Countless people have seen them at different times of the night with different amount of lights through-out a 80 mile stretch. It is something and not a hoax by the few who actually film it.

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