VIDEO: Daytime UFO activity over Amsterdam, Netherlands 24-Sep-2012

UFO videos – New footage of bright unidentified flying objects or some kind of spheres in the sky above Amsterdam in Netherlands. This was recorded on Monday, 24th September 2012.
What do you think about this footage? Real or fake? Please leave your comments below!

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  1. xxxdonutzxxx = &quot;a big fat ufo faking fool&quot; <br />come on guys, why show his bullsh#t videos when everyone knows their fake.all his videos look the same,he churns them out by the bucket load and never any detailed description of who took them,times,places or how he got his hands on them.<br />even if he changes youtube accounts i will be able to spot his vids a mile away cos they stink!<

  2. It appears to be a manifested yet unknown forced door way in which something is able to travel threw time to collect reading of this current time and space but what do i know I only finished 7th grade.:)

  3. If this footage is taken from a closed window, there may be three lights reflecting. (But, i don&#39;t see that.)Is this what the cameraman saw?

  4. take a good look at the lights they all blink at the same time you are looking at a ship with lights at three corners and using a cloaking device when entering the cloud the bright light shows that it is firing up and moving off

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