Mountains Shelter Underground UFO Bases in Japan

Knowing what happens inside is more important than seeing many UFOs, according to Japan Center for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (JCETI) director Gregory Sullivan. JCETI is a program that provides necessary resources and trainings to Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind (CE-5) Skywatching, and Kyushu, Japan-based ET Disclosure and Ambassador Training. Mr. Sullivan recently shared the vision of JCETI during an exclusive interview with The Secret Message Report, which is now available all over the internet.

The one-hour podcast interview is now available on SecretMessageTV of YouTube which featured famous host and producer Jon Kelly.

Many reported that mountain terrains of Japan have been witnessed to several mysterious ground light activities. Observers say that ground lights can be likened to a candle light.

Sullivan said that lights from cars moving mysteriously in all directions even though mountains have no roads. Mountains bring contrasting places of lights from moving vehicles considering they are clearly not suitable for them, explained Sullivan.

Sullivan shared that being a musician and sound engineer brought him to Japan and he absolutely not connected with any social or spiritual movements in the country.

Sullivan believes that mountains of Japan play vital role in underground UFO bases. He said that the country’s mountainous terrains are real hotspots with a lot more focus on the activity on the ground, near the ground and under the ground rather than above the ground.

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