VIDEO: Triangle UFO formation above Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – September 2012

Interesting footage of UFO activity in the sky above Ho Chi Minh City, formerly named Saigon and the largest city in Vietnam. This was seen and recorded in September 2012. 
More info in the video!
What do you think about this video? Real or a computer-generated imagery? Please leave your comment below!

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  1. is this fake ? I don't know…it could be argued that it isn't as there are other people seemingly filming at the same angle as the cameraman..burgerboys reaction is a little tame though….

  2. Oh yeah, why the F would a robot being posting comments on a UFO site? Come man…beef up this site a bit and lose all the retarded ads and that lame "Not Alien" button.

  3. Seriously? This is my first comment on this site after 3 years of visiting here. Unfortunately it is one in anger. This should never have made it to this site.<br />

  4. Worst……acting….ever. And WHY if someone see&#39;s something like that in the sky, pan over to the left to see what the other guys are doing (filming)? That was realllllly bad.

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