An Interview with Captured Extra-terrestrial Being from Roswell Incident

The author of the book “Alien Interview,” Lawrence R. Spencer, is claiming that he had received documents from the late self-proclaimed nurse, Matilda O’Donnell, who also asserted that she had access on the recovered extra-terrestrial entity and the military. The alien used telepathy as the main medium of communicating with the nurse.

According to Spencer, the nurse included a letter in the package he had received asserting that the documents were taken from a series of interviews with an extra-terrestrial being in which she conducted as part of her official role in the U.S. Army Air Force.

The extra-terrestrial being in the interview was claiming as an engineer, pilot, and officer of The Domain Expeditionary Force. Their race has been using the asteroid belt in the solar system for the past 10,000 years as intergalactic base of operations.

The dying request of the nurse was that the transcripts finally be disclosed to the public. The nurse mentioned in the letter that the documents can answer to questions “Who are we? Where did mankind come from? What is the purpose of humanity in Earth?”

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  1. I followed the videos to the home page that describes what Matilda O&#39;Donnell MacElroy did.<br /><br />I write for a living. As I read the text, the transcripts, the letter from Matilda O&#39;Donnell MacElroy to another writer, it seems to me everything here came out of the same person. I say this because of the way the sentences are constructed and the types of words used. Some of it just

  2. “Who are we? Where did mankind come from? What is the purpose of humanity in Earth?”<br />God already clearly answered these questions for us. Many reject God&#39;s answers while being more than willing to accept third-party answers from beings that have shown themselves many times to be deceptive in their dealings with us.

  3. I have waited to hear this Interview for a long time now and I for one do believe this Interview and now I can die now knowing that I am a Is-Be part of something greater my spirit is Free I can move on to other worlds and off this prison planet now that I know what direction to go too.

  4. It makes me very suspicious when someone will have your money for what is perhaps the most important information of all living humans on Earth, ever!!!<br />If such information is not for free ……. Sorry!uc.

    • i know the feeling. however we do live in a money paradigm and im sure this took lots of time and work to produce and create. <br />if people can make money from complete garbage, seems that something of merit should be rewarded also.

  5. So lay the Epitah&#39;t(p)<br /> I wish her well,that she had the scrapes left ver to feed the hords.&quot;that I&#39;am 1 of all,so meny,but only one…&quot;C

  6. I&#39;d like this to be true but a lot more credability of proof is desperately needed here to surely convince any ratioally thinking person.

  7. im not sure what this is. regardless, much of it rings true to me and makes as much sense, maybe more than anything any religion or traditional teaching thus far . <br />Either way this is a fascinating story and would make an incredible screenplay.<br />I will need to listen to this in its entirety before i make a judgement at to how real this is.<br />And even then, it will only be deciding

  8. I noticed several things that don&#39;t add up, but that might just be the result of my pre-earth life torture session. For instance she says they don&#39;t have noses because in space there is no atmosphere. She also says that corporations made all life forms. At the beginning of the interview the alien answered that the ships were sterile and carried no germs. She says they can enter and leave

  9. There is always a catch in this story`s. And in this one is no exception: &quot;A terrible weapon who catch us&quot; But we can`t find it. Despite the fact that we are the ones created everything and knows everything. There is certainly a lot to think about. Upon closer examination of the red line, there are too many potholes, for it to be credible.

  10. Wow. This resonates with truth for me. I listened for the full 4 hours and it is too detailed and specific to have been &quot;made up&quot;. I have to chuckle at the close minded religious folks that buy into the mind-control that is imposed on us.

  11. Sorry, too many grammatical errors for me. Wrong use of it&#39;s versus its. It also sounds more to me like a wish to push a political agenda than anything else. You mean to tell me, Is-Be came to earth to talk about insurance companies and taxes. Read it for yourself and make up your own mind. Mine is made up. It is a nonsensical entertaining hoax.

    • On the contrary, my friend!I do recollect a few certain accounts in my life when there were strange visitations at night.They seemed like ordinary dreams. Then the verification with deep needle marks, strange bruises and cuts – like tissue samples. My roommate, also. After comparing notes, we started to focus on one being at a time, asking how, what, where and why.After a couple of years there

  12. B…<br />I mean, to get access to the full story, you need to buy the book. Maybe I&#39;m wrong? by the way, &quot;HAARP has the ability to erase our memories,&quot; just a little notice. Thank you to share the story for free, it makes it a bit more credible. Keep up the good work. And one more thing.<br />Everything in the book is to find out on your own. There are stories, writings and legends

  13. Even if this story is true, I think Airl&#39;s account alone of Earth history and Galactic history has to be questioned in that the Domain/Greys are presenting themselves as our saviors. But who knows? I&#39;ve heard more than one abductee mention that the Greys like to refer to themselves as the &quot;Designers&quot; (designers of life that is) and the explanation this account presents might

  14. IF there be truth within this tale. It might be helpful to recognize three key aspects of its presentation and reception…<br />1…if any possibility of legitimacy. Then by her own account, this is merely her &quot;transcript&quot; of interaction. Interpretation becomes subjective to both the narrator &amp; the audience (us) perceptions/experience.<br />2….six decades will often

  15. the story starts well. Then turns into some kind of science-fiction delirium, where &quot;alien&#39;s&quot; motivations turn out so human …

  16. Just wondering…Why didn&#39;t this nurse make this public sooner? Why wait till she was on her death bed to make it known…? Why even bother? Now, the trail is cold and there isn&#39;t a DAM shred of evidence to prove that she even existed. So what if the GOV would of killed her off. We all will die. I would of made the info known to the world..even at the demise of myself. Especially

  17. Many &quot;THANK YOUs!&quot; Since I have intensely followed this &#39;47 UFO cover-up, Rosswell, NM, has produced more and more updated info in the last few decades. This is the &quot;TOPS&quot;. Because I was riveted to Matilda&#39;s response to a civilian who happened to wonder by one of the dead bodies. She had lunch with him[1947, just after the recovery of the ship and bodies]. He talked

  18. I ran across this last night while reading of one of our 1962 nuclear tests in space. I happened to notice many apparently interested lights (crafts?) flying into and through the explosions shortly after being detonated, not having spent too much time with it, my first and obvious sights were between 21 and 23 minutes into the video. If they are as frequent as the ones at that time, I believe you

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