Continuous UFO sightings over Lee County, Florida – November 2012

UFO lights

More people coming forward tonight saying they saw strange lights in the skies of Southwest Florida. They believe they witnessed a UFO … And they have the video to prove it. Four in your Corner’s Mike Mason is here to share what they saw … So you can decide for yourself.

It all began the night of November 10th. Several people in Cape Coral reported seeing strange lights in the sky. Since then more witnesses have contacted Fox 4 claiming they also saw these UFO’s. Tonight … We have new video of these strange lights that some say are out of this world.

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    • U think,enlightenment, hopefully the aliens will put us to work and not just for an electric bill, probly be ruff for a couple of years, head northeast. no more taxes, speeding tickets

  1. Since similar lights are being seen all over the globe there must be an epidemic of Chinese Lanterns! I&#39;m surprised that the manufacturers in China can keep up with the demand!! <br />People know when they&#39;re witnessing something that doesn&#39;t make any sense, and saying that people are simply seeing helicopters or Chinese lanterns is naive at best.

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