UFO Was Spotted in Australia and Posted on YouTube

A UFO was sighted in the sunny sky over Sydney on November 24, 2012. It was about lunchtime when people wondered on what they saw. The video was posted on YouTube.

At first, people were amazed by the bullet-shaped aircraft flying at relatively high speed at around noon on the 24th of November. The witnesses believed that it was a military aircraft flying at high speed because it left a white trail.

However, just a few minutes later, a roundish UFO was observed flying in the same sky. It looked like a typical flying saucer. Unlike the first craft, this one did not leave a white trail.

The object was moving at higher speed than the first one and change directions rapidly. Aside from many witnesses on the ground, a pilot nearby also saw the UFO from Queensland, Australia.

Watch the video and be the judge.

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  1. Please look at your description above.<br />There is no way someone can film anything in Sydney and than be seen by a pilot in Queensland.<br /><br />To give those of you an idea of the distance that is like saying, the UFO was filmed in Miami and seen by a pilot in nearby NewYork City.<br /><br />Lazlo posts great UFO footage on Youtube. He lives in Sydney out by the airport…………..no

  2. Video interesante y se pone más interesante a partir del minuto 14 donde se aprecia algo muy extraño en el cielo, después que el avión pasó, algo como si fuese un ser que está flotando. Yá se han visto muchos videos donde se ven seres levitando en el cielo, está el caso de PARACAIDISTAS EN MAIPÚ, CHILE y se puede ver entrando en Youtube. Gracias.

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