New daytime photos of UFO over Area 51, Nevada 8-Nov-2012

Area 51 UFOThese photos of some kind of a flying saucer over Area 51 were submitted to LUFOS by our reader Christoper S.
Sighting location: Area 51, Nevada
Date: 11-8-12 2:00 pm
Report: As a small group of tourists we had just left Rachel Nevada (Lil Ale’in) and stopped at the black mailbox en route to the Area 51 entrance. Earlier in the day we saw a helicopter in the area and two people in our group insisted that we were being followed by another man in a blue car. While we were doing our tourist thing at the black mail box, one of the group members shouted something that caused all of us to turn around. Two or three people began snapping photo’s of a shiny object in the sky. It hovered for a few seconds, seemed to move back and forth in different directions and after 30 seconds or so took off in an incredible speed. I could not hear noise coming from the object but it certainly freaked me out. Obviously, everyone was pretty excited, but strangely enough one lady in our group from Germany got physically ill almost immediately after the sighting. When we got to the entrance to area 51 she got diarrhea directly in view of the men in the white truck that sit on the hill. I thought you should have these pictures but I really don’t want any publicity. I can assure you of one thing…I will never go back to Area 51.
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Area 51 flying saucer

flying saucer

UFO Area 51

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  1. On 17 December 1903 implementing Wilbur Wright, the first actual flight of a plane heavier than air. His brother Orville Wright witnessed it – along with three other people. On 14 december had around a dozen spectators have seen the first attempt – one about 30 feet long jump with Wright Flyer I – then with Orville Wright at the controls. How many do you think it was that beleaved them? And how

    • in the attempt at being smarter, people fail miserably at logic. because of their previous learning techniques used on them by those who carry control, people repeat their horrible record of education and history. Listen to the "wise" at coffee shops ! Total classic sheeple !!!

    • There is obviously not enough information in these pictures to discern what the object is, and that's assuming it isn't photoshopped. I can't tell if it's a balloon, a distant blimp, or what it could be, it's certainly not proof of anything, that's for sure.

  2. the shirt is a dead give away, looks like its been cut out of another image, hell i could be wrong, but after using graphic software for many years you can kinda pick them, so who knows, great shots thou..


  4. Looks to me like the only thing that is really authentic are the bullet holes in the stop sign…lol. Also, where are the pics from the guy in the green shirt? Also, who ever shopped the UFO into the picture doesn't know much about lighting…take a look at the pic with the guy–the entire mountain is lit up with natural light…yet there is a dark crest shadow at the top of the metallic UFO

  5. This is obviously real, everyone knows aliens and UFO's exist. And the story is very convincing. All those who do not believe this are just haters who don't want the world to change.

  6. It's fake. The pic with the guy in = if u look close were his hat is there is part of the left over flare from the UFO which is created in software such as photoshop. nice try tho.

  7. It's not photoshoped the images are real as for where is the photos of the guy in front ask him, not everyone submits photos. I took these 3 photos myself and sent them to Chris as he was on the tour with me….

  8. What would be more plausable in this case… a spacecraft that traveled untold light-years, to be photographed, as if on que, or a group of people who wanted more than anything to snap a "UFO" picture at a "UFO hotspot", and were able to accomplish this feat by throwing a "baby moon" hubcap from a circa 50's or 60's whitewall tire, Frisbee style?

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