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Your UFO reports: 3rd November –  10th November 2012
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Llandrindod Wells, UK – 10/11/2012 3.30pm
Saw the object in the sky, managed to get three pictures before it zoomed off. Really wish i recorded it.


River Grove Illinois – 11/10/2012 @ 10:15pm
I was home when my son called me to go look at this object him and his friend had been tracking for a couple of miles. It was long and bright with bright white lights that was moving West coming from the East. The lights which were changing in some kind of sequence at times the object looked triangular and at other times it looked like a cross. This object traveled for about 45 minutes. While looking at that thing move I started checking out the rest of the sky I turned around looking West and I noticed a big yellow bright light hovering over a house about 100+ meters away and I stared at it for a while and thought that maybe it was just the light post light reflecting off a big antenna or something so I turned around to look at the previous one but I was still curious so I turned back around and at that point this object began ascending over the house and the trees, i urged my son and his friend to turn around and look and we saw this thing ascend,stop and take a very quick flight over us!! it went North west, on a path that no airplanes go, it was big and it had multiple lights underneath, it had a dull whooshing sound which was only heard when it past above us and it just disappeared left no traces of smoke or anything. We were shocked and excited. After that we went back to observing the other one which was now a bit off the path it had been at and suddenly I noticed this row of lights appear out of nowhere. It was south of the traveling object,traveling in the same direction at what seemed to be a slower speed, and it was flashing red and white lights. Both objects kept going stationary and the move…after a while we realized there were 4 more of these rows of lights in the sky in different positions all had white lights blinking in some sort of sequence. It looked as if they were communicating SOS style. This went on for a while. My son’s friend took pics and of course they look like bright things in the sky but when we zoomed in we could see the details on these objects. One had green/white/red lights and it was round in shape and the other one was kind of triangular/roundish…it was an amazing experience. This is my 3rd time witnessing ufos in Illinois.


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Delray Beach, Florida – Nov 7 2012 7:35 pm EST
We walked out of our condo to go for a short walk. Looked up into the sky to check out the stars. I observed a huge, boomerang shaped object moving from North to South. I pointed it out to my friend.
At first, I thought that it was a formation of birds since the shape was somewhat of a Vee, but with rounded edges. However, it was dark and birds don’t usually fly in formation, at night.
There were no visible lights on the object. It moved silently, at a constant speed just below the cirrus clouds which were at a very high altitude.
Commercial airline traffic was in the air, at much lower altitudes. These aircraft were dwarfed by the object that we observed. We were amazed at the size of this flying object or formation. It moved at a very high speed and, within 45 to 60 seconds it could no longer be seen.

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12st Goodland, KS – 11/6/12. Apx. 9:30 pm
The most unbelievable thing i ever seen before, and ive seen some things… There was a group of 8. I walked outside to grab a tool out of my car, when someone comes out yellin.. Look up! Look up! When i did.. I was stunned!!! A mass swarm of blue light swarming around eachother flys RIGHT above our heads.. We all stood in the street regardless of traffic and stared at the aww inspiring sight in front of our eyes. Ironically, this day happens to be the election date.. And whilst watching the election.. We were visited unknowing by our neighbors. I prayed, i prayed to em that they would just come back, tell me something, anything. I wanted so bad to experience first hand at this and although i only got a “3rd Kind”, experience.. It was enough to reassure me, even ough i always knew they were out ere, but waiting for the day to really experience it first hand. Even better…the 8 members that were witnesses, were also apart of my family, which made the experience a very comfortable and knowing sensation of confidence, that yes.. This is real, thisvis true.. They are out there! When will they come communicate!?

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Butte, Montana – 11/06/12 @ 6:30 pmi was just taking pics of clouds,(as i usually do),& did not see anything in the viewfinder.,only when seen on p.c.

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Between Santa Rosa and Calistoga, California – 11-5-2012 5:45 AM
A co-worker and I were outside taking a break when my coworker noticed a super bright star between Sonoma and Napa county about 2000 ft above a ridge. The I said “it’s just a bright star”. He said “oh no it’s not, it has been moving south and stopping and changed directions back north and then south again and then we both witnessed it shoot straight up 200-300 feet and move south again and then it disappeared. There has been a lot of strange objects in the Sonoma Valley lately. This is my fourth sighting in two months. I have photos of one of them but the cam-phone is giving me trouble and will report the others with photos when I rectify the issue.

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Trimble Co. Kentucky – 11-5-2012
This is the third sighting of this that I have seen tonight there are two of these objects quite a distance apart from each other but they both have the same yellow,green, and red colors attached of which I saw a photo that was taken in illinois earlier this month that matches what I am seeing.I do not know what I am seeing and I do not own anything more than a pair of old Binoculars to look with but this is really worthy of someone seeing with better equipment.

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Near coolgardie, Western Australia – 5 nov 2012 6:50pm
Orange yellow light seen clearly low in evening sky while driving, passed some trees and the light disappeared

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Rowing Lake, Plovdiv, Bulgaria – 04/11/12 16:24
I didn’t notice until after I looked back through the pics I had taken that I noticed the object in the sky in the first pic and then in the tree line of the second pic which was taken 9 seconds later. There is also another object in the sky at first obscured(but still visible) but in the second shot it is clearer, it has a green hue to it. Some friends have refuted these as camera malfunction. I would like people to take a look and see what they think themselves. I am open minded to the whole subject, I’d like to think there’s intelligent life out there!

M Knight

Lake Berryessa – 11/01/2006
In late 2006, at the Northern part of Lake Berryessa, California,
I walked outside of our mobile home, located at Monticello Ranch Resort,at around 1am. As I turned left (Northern Direction) I saw a large Sphere, moving from east to west in the sky. The Sphere was very dark blue in color. It looked as if it possibly had electrical properties to it. Its altitude was approximately 50 to 100 yards (estimated) above the tree line. Moving at about 15 – 20 mph.
The best size estimation is that of a medium size RV, but round, or spherical.

I observed this object for about 15 seconds. Thinking “what the hell is that”,and I wondered how it could move so slow and stay in the air for its size.I turned away for a few seconds, and when I looked back, it was gone.

Wow, what a sight that was to see. I searched the internet, years later, to see if I could find any reports about this type of phenomenon, with no results.

W St Charles
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Jacksonville, Florida – 31 October 2012
me & my sisters kid’s were trick or treating on Halloween day at around 830 or so when i was told to look in the sky! they were going vertical from east to west they were bright & emitting light of every color except black lol! they looked to be abought 1000 ft in the air & aprox 50 ft long! both objects made no noise & had no tail as a bottle rocket or aircraft of any sort! i live around campblanding & NAS jacksonville so im used to aircraft of all sorts! & this wasnt any of those! they looked like fluorescent light bulbs! except they had bright red green blue & it was moveing so fast it looked like a rainbow of colors! this is the second time ive seen this the first time was 9 years ago on the StJohns river except this one dove right into the water! im stumped! has anyone else ever seen this that u know of????

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Gulgong, NSW – 28.10.12 at 9-10pm
I just wanted to report a UFO sighting last night, between 9:15pm and 10pm on 28/10/12.

I was outside looking at the night sky when I saw a very bright star towards the South West. I did not pay it much attention until I thought I saw it move. I had been there for at least 5 minutes with the star in a stationary position as per usual. Of course I thought it was my imagination when I thought I saw it moving, until it was obvious that it was moving slowly at first to wards the West, and then moved faster, but not with exceptional speed.

When I noted it was definitely moving I knocked on the window to alert my husband to come and have a look. Of course he would not. I watched this star move across the night sky. It was a clear night. The star when stationary looked like a very bright star and I wondered what it was. It appeared to be twinkling more that stars usually do, so was not a planet. I thought it was a binary or something.

When the UFO began moving I noticed the lights. There were red and white flashes but unlike an aeroplane as they were in alignment. It really did not look like a plane moving across the night sky as I have seen them before.

Anyway this UFO moved towards the West and stopped to the right side or the moon a reasonable way away, and lower than the moon. I watched it for a few minutes expecting to go behind my vision of the horizon. At this point I went inside and told my husband that he absolutely had to come out and look at this. I told him the story of how what appears to be a star was actually a UFO I saw moving across the sky. I also scalded him a little for not coming out while it was travelling. He looked for a couple of minutes and then unimpressed went inside.

I watched for another 20 minutes or so. Then I went inside to have a drink and was inside for about 5 minutes. When I went out the star/UFO had gone. I was annoyed as I wanted to see it move again. I insisted my husband come out and verify that the star he was looking at around 30 minutes before was gone. After some grumbling he came out to verify that the star he saw had gone.

The fact that initially this UFo appeared to be a stationary star and then stopped still again to look like a star supports it being an unidentified object.

I had formerly seen a UFO around 2009. I have no details other than having seen a group of stars high in the Western sky. I saw one star moving around in no particular pattern. I could tell it was moving by its’ proximity to the other stars around it. I never thought I’d see anything like it again. Recently I have become interested in the UFO scene and have been making an effort over the past 2 weeks to try to see something again. I only spend a few minutes when I can, looking at the night or early morning sky. I never thought I’d see another UFO so soon.

I reported this sighting to an NSW UFO group the next day.

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Ohio – October 22nd, 2012
Monday October 22nd, 2012 before dinner time, there was a large escorted caravan heading to Cleveland, Ohio. It was the typical police escort, unmarked multiple vehicles of the same color and type, and an ambulance followed by more police vehicles. Something was out of the ordinary however; the sky was teeming with strange objects. Numerous pictures were captured and several objects appeared to move in the sky in intelligent motions. One large circular object was seen behind some telephone lines. Another object darted around the sun and then off to a distance. This object had circular rings of what appeared to be lights. Another strange object floated in the sky and appeared almost transparent in some photos and solid in others. One of the eye witnesses reported that a flash caught their eyes and they were not sure what they were looking at until they loaded the pictures on to the computer. What they saw has intrigued them and they wanted to share the pictures with the world. They have asked that these pictures be shared with everyone and anyone. They felt that no money should be paid for these pictures and wanted the world to witness what they had seen.These photos have been forward to others as well. See some of these pictures here.



August 21th, 2012 – Grottaglie, Taranto-Italy
On August 21th, 2012 one ufo was observed on Grottaglie (Taranto-Italy). A man took a picture of a flying saucer. The witness informed the UFO curious about the photo of the UFO Center Mediterranean (CUFOM), whose president, dr. Angelo Carannante, received the image interesting post on the official site,, and alerted the specialists of the research center. The image analysts, Carmine Silvestri and Biagio Fusco, have already completed their data analysis on the photo, which confirmed the presence of an object, that seems to be a flying saucer. On official CUFOM youtube channel, it’s possible to find a video trailer about this interesting UFO sighting: . News updates and further information about the results of the investigations will be given soon.

The President of the Centro Ufologico Mediterraneo (CUFOM)
Dr. Angelo Carannante


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  1. The first three photos from Llandrindod Wells, UK – 10/11/2012 3.30pm are clearly lens flare. I could show you many pictures I have with a similar dot of light when the camera is towards the sun. <br /><br />You should really remove pictures like this it doesn&#39;t help when genuine ones are posted.

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