UFO: Demonic or Angel Spirits

Human cultures are not new to ideas of angels and demons. Since the early period of human civilization, these celestial entities have fascinated in nearly all cultures. Until today, most people believe in demons and angels and many claim that they have ability to communicate with these celestial beings. Sometimes, UFOs have been considered as demonic or angelic spirits that are observing humans in Earth. They are believed to have power to hide their true identity to mankind such as by changing their shapes. Over the last few years, many people believe that UFOs are actually demons that only want to deceive humans.

A self-proclaimed alien abductee, Robert Bingham claimed he can summon UFOs. He said that he mastered his skills in summoning UFOs through constant practice for 8 years. He demonstrated his summoning skills on May 19, 2012 when several people were able to witness UFOs hovering over Los Angeles, California. He said that he prayed for the UFOs to appear. Many people had witnessed his ability. The gentleman claimed that UFOs are angels wanting to protect the Earth and humanity.

Bingham had a repeat demonstration of summoning UFOs in downtown Los Angeles. Both believers and skeptics were able to see alien beings that were summoned by Bingham through prayer, according to UFO Sightings Daily. The video of the event was posted in the site. These aliens were like orbs in the sky and were hiding behind the clouds. One of the witnesses has uploaded a video of the actual summoning event on YouTube.

While Bingham considered these extra-terrestrial beings as angels, late John Todd claimed that they were demonic Archons. He was allegedly member of a secret society before he was converted to Christianity. He said that most members of the secret society were controlled by the demonic Archons. He added that the leaders of this secret society was controlled by the Archons to destroy humanity.

Several researchers said that the Archons organized various religious groups as means of mind control. They made members think that they are angels but in reality they are demons aiming to keep humans helpless.

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  1. we hindu know this to be true most are evil they come from the lower planitery systems that we call the rackshastres from sanskirt-vedas.to be a battle with good and evil

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