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Highland Park CA 90042 – 11/25/2012 5:30PM
I need confirmation have possible sighting 5:30PM over highland park ca saw many red and yellow craft in sky have video dont want to release until not sure its just military craft

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California – 25-11-2012
this photo was taken by family member while driving home in pico rivera California she notice a lot of activities. the more and more I look at this photo the more and more I see. please check it out and tell me what you think…..

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Lake City, Florida – 11/24/12 roughly 1040PM
Had a friend driving me home after the UF-FSU game (no drinking was involved) I was looking out the window when I saw in the sky (roughly 45 degrees up from the horizon) what I thought was a shooting star, of course I followed it as I have never seen a shooting star but the object(orb)stopped falling on a dime then without a moments hesitation beautiful blue, green, pink colors shot out from underneath the orb and sent the object 90 degrees straight up into the night sky. From the time the object took off to me shoving my face on the window to see where the orb went – it was already gone.

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Charlotte n.c – 11 22 12 8pm
myself an my son and grandson saw four glowing orbs, in the sky three made a triangle an the other orb. was by its self in the lower coner they were huge an they did not move, just stayed there we watch them for a few minetsi wanted a better look, so i went to the front of the house. one minute they were there the next they were gone,my son took pictures, but they were cloudy. but right after the sigthing it came on the news the channel that was playing the football game. i have not heard no more about it, but the night was clear the orbs were beautiful. a perfit triangle.i no what i saw please fine out more for me thank you.

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Saulk Center, Minnesota, USA – 11-20-2012 23:30?
Saw big fast red UFO. Looked like it was crashing it was going so fast. 30 min disapered on the clock even though it felt like just a second went by. Been sober for 16 years by the way!

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Denver, Co – 11/20/2012
Hi. I have been very intrigued by the Denver, CO sightings. In fact, we were there one month ago to visit my GF’s dad and his lifemate. For some weird reason, I was drawn to the night’s sky because I just had a weird feeling that I would see something. Of course, I never did. But what is VERY interesting is that I saw the news report about the recent sighting’s over Denver. Of course, I have been interested since. I happened upon your site and was watching other sightings, and saw somebody use the satellite images and decided to go look around 56th and Clay in Denver, Co. I found something VERY interesting at these coordinates. PLEASE…go look and email me with your thoughts. When I first saw this, I asked my daughter to tell me Thervro her thoughts. She said right away that they look like weird lettering. What do you think?

Latitude: 39°47’59.87″N
Longitude: 105° 1’18.07″W

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Jamesville, NY – 11/19/2012 730pm est
this is the third time ive seen off world travellers, came home last night, turn to look at the sky, look at the aircraft warning lights in jamesville a saw a craft with three red lights one blinking rising to the sky, it looked funny so i got my iphone out just in case. after about 30 seconds of flight it stood still thats when i knew what i was looking at, plus the colour of the red lights was strange a shade. after being there for like a minute an airplane approaching from the west spooked the first craft and it took off, i mean took off at speeds that would make it eventually disappear heading east, the way it move was awsome, it was hovering over a stone quarry, i would like to know whats in there.

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Livermore, CA – friday 11/16/12 5:40 PM PST
Bright stationary object glowing super bright with bright beams shining out like a star (at least 8-12 legs). Was stationary over Altamont pass near windmill weather station South of livermore, ca. Object was about 20 ft above ground and about 20 feet to the right of the weather tower (west of tower). Stayed there for 5 minutes glaring from a few miles away, then intensity diminished to normal running light dim, yet twinkled now and then. Object was silent, no noise, no rotors, nor engine. Object then moved slowly over I-580 OVER rush hour traffic to the South towards thunder and lightning storms about 30 miles to the south. No flashing lights as it slowly moved rising and away. total sighting about 10 minutes. I did also notice right after two objects above LLabs at about 3000′ One stationary object, and one airplane going into oakland. The other object stationary. Was not there a few minutes later. Not a star, or venus . Surprised that noone in rush hr traffic saw this or reported yet. I see there is sighting over Davis CA same day, but different configuration. This object had too many intense white light “beams” to be a helicopter with spotlights, and with so many beams.

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Salem, Oregon – nov16-2012 10pm & 5am; nov.17
after I seen a Shcool bus size black triangle craft with red&white; light flashing night in dec.2010 ” we my kids wach this craft look like it was flowting quiet this craft was very close my kid was saying look at windows dad repeating over & over to me but I was just thinkg o”what the ” stairing with a daze at the lights ” we was we was at south Salem high school parking lot ….(7pm) the night sky was clear we you cood see stars in night sky so open are moonroof after few min pass ” that win
the air craft flow,float was just tree top so close!! we felt a electric filling in the air win craft was passing us moving very slow going west “” are life is not same cuz now just out side are house I been seeing orbs over are home lots of them at first my wife didnt beleve me no on beleve me ther was orbs “” lot of them fast one slow one even orbs that mimic plane “also
intell one night I was trying to show my wife &kids; what I see over the house was trying to take photos with out the flash and with the flash on did make orbe get close real close the we cood see. lots lots of them started to move “no my Famliy. are scard to go out side at night my frends come over to the house & seen this thing ” I been seeing now all the time flying or zooming in sky more now after thus new year 2012 has got worse. 😉 my story is a very true lots of pepole can’t beleve win ther looking at ” most /all of family members get scard what thay see in the night sky just over are house …. SCARY ;(

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Pine Creek Canyon, Bishop, Ca – 09/11/2012

This Picture was taken 09/11/2012 in Pine Creek Canyon near Bishop,Ca you will need too zoom in on the pic,no noise from the aircraft & was gone in an instant

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Fresno County California – November 2012
I was having trouble uploading to your site so here’s our picture of a UFO we seen recently, thanks

Driving to Table Mountain Casino in Friant CA on Auberry Road at around 2am we noticed this object in the sky moving in a side to side motion, then it paused mid air and shot straight up disappearing into the night sky.

Just yesterday I was erasing the extra pictures in my Android trying to make more space when I noticed I got a clear picture of the object that night..honestly how dark it is on that road I really didn’t think I could’ve gotten a picture that was clear, but I was SO wrong.
I thought I should show others who wonder about this kind of stuff…thanks

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NW Calgary – June 3 2012 Mid-afternoon
I was actually shooting the sun dog, I didn’t realize all the other objects in the picture until I got it on my computer. I figured they were helicopters, but after seeing similar shapes in other pictures, I’m not sure what they are. I recall hearing no choppers at the time.

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Glastonbury, UK – 30/05/12
I went outside my back door at 11.30pm…I looked up at the stars as i often do .I sa what i thought was a moving star and followed it with my eyes..It moved in random directions.Then it started coming nearer and nearer.Untill it was right above my head.It then exploded into a white /silver cascade.Infact it was so bright i had to close my eyes.I opened them a second later to see it withdraw its white cascade..It seemed as if it was sucking the explosion back in ..It then travelled on its way..I live in Glastonbury Somerset uk

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