UFO activity over Tenterden Kent, England – November 2012

New video report of UFO activity in the sky above Tenterden Kent in United Kingdom.
More info in the video below!

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  1. when you zoom in like that you get a pulse of light and it makes it look like a ufo when in reality it looks like a commercial airline. Just my opinion. I have seen a lot of footage and just through visual experience, that is what I have seen and had confirmed. nice video analysis though. Cheers

  2. when you zoom in to a certain point you get a pulse of light that makes it look like something of another origin. I have seen a lot of footage in the last few months like this which have come to conclusion that it was commercial airplanes out of focus. Just my opinion, but nice video analysis. Cheers

  3. some nice orb footage there.well done.in response to the skeptic who has obviosly never seen a ufo before its understandable your need to explain everything away with a prosaic explanation but the ufo is a genuine phenomenon which still resists all efforts to fathom it out.<br />perhaps one day day you may see something yourself

  4. Are you guys &#39;getting it&#39; yet? The internet is full of hundreds of people worldwide filming and claiming that some UFOs hover around for long periods of time looking like a ball of light in various colors &amp; brightness, then sometimes morph shape and copy our aircraft navigation lighting arrangements and sneak around. So far, this type IS NOT DETECTED BY OUR RADAR SYSTEMS and are

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